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The gaming industry has changed since the days of Atari and Odyssey. Mobile and new generation consoles are being adopted at an astounding rate, and all the while gaming has become an increasing social outlet.

TechZulu met with Hale Boggs, from Manatt Digital Media, and discussed Manatt Digital Media and the future of LA’s startup scene.

Men have dominated the world of investment. There were only 22% women who invested in 2012. Natalia Oberti Noguera is on a mission to help change the demographic of investment with her Pipeline Fellowship. Pipeline Fellowship teaches women to become angel investors and become a more powerful and helpful voice in the investment world.

Life is full of decisions. Do you want a cheeseburger or the taco? How about wearing Jordans or a pair of Converse? Which video was funnier? There are a gazillion questions we are asking ourselves. So who better to help you out then your friends and family? That’s where Bedloo comes in. Bedloo is a social media voting platform for those who want to find the right answer in life.

Be Great Partners, a Los Angeles technology incubator, has recently released a report on the startup community in LA and the information shows a positive growth for startups here in LA. Los Angeles is 3rd in the global startup ecosystem, behind Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley. 94 new startups have launched since January 2013 to June 2013 and the startup ecosystem has raised $500 million in funding in 2013 so far. The numbers are promising and even with some problems arising in LA’s startup community, LA has found ways to keep pushing through.

Solaborate is a blend of great social network platforms, by taking in all the greatest bits and putting it all into one. Consumers all have access to social networks, but the business-side has never really caught on. Solaborate is bringing professionals and companies from the tech industry together and connect them through a new social media platform.

Freelancing is a tough gig for many writers. Pitching stories and getting your name out to various companies and editors requires a lot of work. It is also a problem for editors who are looking for the right writer. This is where Assignmint comes in. Assignmint is a web-based platform to list freelancing work for employers and help writers find the right freelance job for them and standardizes the paperwork between the two parties. TechZulu catches up with the founder of Assignmint, Jeff Koyen, as he talks about Assignmint, freelance, and LA startups.

IndieCade Festival has come to a close this past weekend. A two-day event that showcased the best indie games from more than 100 different companies and over 150 playable games. Nintendo, Sony, Ouya, Oculus VR, and other companies have stopped by to show off what indie developers can do. IndieCade was nothing short of impressive with the games on display.

Music lovers rejoice! Earbits is now available for both the iPhone and iPad. No ads, commercial-free, and available worldwide. What else can you ask for from a music app like Earbits? How about listening to the amazing group of musicians playing over Earbits airwaves.

Ever since sound was first introduced into movies, the entertainment business has never really faced a huge change. However, the online presence has shifted the entertainment landscape drastically and is threatening to change the business for better or for worse. There are new filmmakers who are trying to get into the entertainment business, but the market has been over saturated with content.