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Summer is nearly upon us, so getting in shape is on everyone’s list right now. Paul Kim may be able to help you with that. He is a former body builder and a certified trainer. He created the Alpha Trainer, fitness app with an extensive customizable training program and was released on both the iOS and Android platforms earlier this May. Paul Kim is a man who was able to merge his love for fitness with his tech savvy abilities. We caught up with Paul to see his views on LA tech, fitness, and his Alpha Trainer app.

Credit and debit cards are so boring to look at. Banks and credit card companies sometimes offer some sports team designs or “cute’’ animal designs that may liven up the plastic card’s look, but the standard company logo is issued to the owner. is seeking to change the boring plastic colors and bring something much more fashionable to have in your wallet.

Cloud systems technology is finding its way onto every online application nowadays. The freedom to not be bound to a specific system can make life much easier for individuals and groups alike. ChatWork is implementing the cloud system in their collaboration platform for businesses and individuals to help stay connected and updated

In the mid 80s and early 90s, the tech world was all about video games. Nintendo started a revival of the video game industry and every child and adult were equally having a great time playing games at the arcades and at home. The Original NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis provided homes with endless fun and entertainment, but those consoles are long gone and only a handful of people still hold on to such old relics. Innex, Inc. is planning to bring the old-school consoles back into gamer’s hands by selling the Super Retro Console and Adapter by Retro-bit.

Summer is almost upon us and traveling somewhere new is always exciting. What new cultures are there to see? Where to eat? What attractions are there to view? What kind of events are there to attend? Traveling has changed so much, especially with the help of a smartphone. With tens of thousands of apps available for helping you travel, costs can range from free to up to $9.99.

Engage:BDR has been around for more than 5 years in the LA tech scene. The successes Engage:BDR has right now, helps highlight LA as a city for tech companies to develop and grow. We talked to Ted Dhanik, the founder of Engage:BDR, about his company and the future of marketing.

ProProfs started life as a simple online quiz maker that was easy to use. Fast forward two and a half years later and ProProfs is one of the leading online tools that lets the public and private sectors to create online quizzes, polls, surveys, flashcards, and classes with an extensive list of options. Sameer Bhatia is the brains behind ProProfs and created three simple rules to abide by: simplicity, comprehension, and delight.

Earbits was featured on TechZulu awhile back. But how are things holding up at Earbits since the last time? From the look of things, Earbits is on the right track to be a force in the online music streaming industry. With a new mobile app releasing today (on all Android devices) and the social currency system gaining new ground, Earbits just upped its game.

Meeting strangers can be…well…a strange ordeal. Either everything can go well and leads to a new friend or everything goes wrong and leads to creating a missed opportunity. In the business world, this is more crucial as it can lead to potential future opportunities or be the very downfall of a career. The developers of CanWeNetwork want to make it easier for people to meet and discuss future business endeavors and/or grow their network base.

Light bulbs have lit our world for centuries. Sadly, the design and efficiency of the light bulb was heavily flawed. With new environmental issues brought up in the past two decades, new light bulbs are being produced to become more energy and cost efficient. New and more efficient light bulbs have been produced, but a small company called LIFX, thinks it can do a lot better than all the other bulbs designs.