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The online job search is one of the biggest online tools used. Who isn’t looking for a job? Who isn’t looking forward to changing or growing their careers? Who isn’t satisfied with their pay or position? And who isn’t looking for a job right out of college? The founders of thePortfolium thought about the same thing too and decided to help, especially for those starting out in life after college.

Going to concerts are fun and memorable times for everyone. Reliving those times are hard however, knowing either you or a few people posted their videos on YouTube or any other online video service and searching can be a chore. CrowdSync is going to change and revolutionize the way we can bring all those concert memories back.

I get tired trudging through endless websites to figure out where to watch a movie or show online. There are tons of places to buy, rent, or stream movies and shows, but each website has a certain set of shows and movies on their list. Wouldn’t it be nice to find all that information in one place? That’s where Fanhattan chimes in.

Music streaming services are either full of ads that interrupt the flow of music or have a premium service to hear the latest and greatest songs without interruption. Even with all that cash flow, the listeners only hear bands from big labels and the smaller indie bands are pushed away and forgotten. It’s hard for smaller labels to get any radio time and to have their name known in the music world, thus they have less resources to grow from. Earbits wants to fix those problems for listeners and small-time bands by recreating the music streaming service.

Lost your bike? Where are my kids? Has the delivery truck found the best route to its destination? My motorcycle was stolen? These are some questions that have gone through the minds of business owners and the general public alike. According to Valarm co-founder, Lorenzo Gonzalez, his motorcycle was stolen from an airport parking lot. Because of his unfortunate event, Lorenzo and his brother, Edward Pultar, teamed up and decided to build an app to prevent thefts and other applications for research and data.

Ever wondered how your Facebook feeds would look like if it were a TV show? Well, wonder no more! Social Studios TV introduces you to a new (beta) Facebook app called, Your Show and bridges the gap between TV and social media.

CADScan was formed in 2011 by Alastair Buchannan and Tony Rhoades and together they put a team to give people a chance on owning a great piece of technology. To do this, CADScan recently launched a Kickstarter to fund its new machine. The new machine in question, is a 3D scanner that is affordable to any market, which is also very easy to use and produces high quality scans.

Creative thoughts are constantly processed in everyone’s mind. An idea may come up in your sleep, in the shower, or at work. Those same thoughts want to break out into reality, but who can help? Tongal is a place to start, and those very same creative thoughts can be brought together by a single community. Tongal created a community full of people around the world, who can collaborate on making videos for people to enjoy.

Ever wondered what else is in the city besides the same old restaurant and typical tourist attraction? Is there something new and unique to explore within the city boundaries? Well, the developers at Crashworks, Inc. thought the same thing and decided to bring the curious individuals an app that gives a unique look in your city. Crash, released for iOS platforms, is the third eye for those looking for something different in their travels.