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I use my iPad for presentations, watching movies and everything else I don’t want to fire my Macbook Pro up for. The Tabgrip does do one thing magically, while using your iPad it improves the experience.

Manpacks, a startup founded by Andrew Draper and Ken Johnson, is a subscription service for the essential items in a mans life.

The battle for splash page supremacy carries on although no one told they have already lost. I recently wrote an article explaining how sold out to AOL

Holy smokes it finally happened! The iPhone on Verizon. Oh wait, am I supposed to be excited?

Manufacturers from every corner of the globe flooded CES this year with their new revolutionary offering. Now, it does not matter what carrier you want to use, there is a tablet device for you.

Unveiled at CES in Las Vegas the ATRIX 4G by Motorola was by far the most impressive phone. This rang true not only in the fit and finish of the phone but also in Motorola’s vision of what the next wave of smartphones will look like.

Motorola came out of the corner swinging this year at CES in Las Vegas. They did not have just one revolutionary product, Motorola unveiled four. Motorola released their tablet offering, the XOOM, as well as three phones: ATRIX 4G, DROID BIONIC and CLIQ 2.

Memolane, a startup Founded by Eric Lagier, is a product of Startup Weekend that is now in private beta and already has raised $2 million in funding. Memolane sets out to “Keep your memories alive” by allowing you to “Capture photos, music, tweets, posts, and view and share your entire online life in one place.”

I am a tech enthusiast, early adopter and am fully addicted to my iPhone. The industrial design, the sounds, the feel of the touchscreen. I love that I can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time and with the swipe of a finger can plugin and connect with anyone.

The tagline used by Broadcastr, the new social venture by Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum that sets out to add another layer to the already saturated social market.