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As I sit in Laguna Beach looking at the Pacific ocean I can’t help but feel sorry for the rest of my family in Connecticut. Right now the North East is getting hit by a Blizzard that could drop as much as 2 feet of snow in some areas.

Tis the season to be grateful for many things; friends, family and don’t forget the Internet. We as a society are plugged in more than we even realize.

Hashable, a NYC startup founded by Mike Yavonditte, plans to help you track those engagements either through twitter, email, their site or the new iPhone app., Tony Conrad’s stealth startup went live to the masses four days ago and just like that has been acquired by AOL.

Apple does an amazing job improving the battery life in their phones, but seemingly it is never enough. As entrepreneurs come out with new LBS (location based services) applications and more ways to stay plugged in, the likelihood of actually making it through the day on one charge is far gone.