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For generations the garage sale has been an american summer time tradition. In college they could be a gold mine for finding that once piece of furniture you needed, yet knew would be destroyed. With the growth of the e-commerce generation, we’ve begun to see a shift towards selling more online.

I can still remember the day I made a double play in a little league guy when was a kid. It was one of the great sports moment for me. Without doubt highlight reel worthy. However back then the only way you would’ve seen it is if you were there or saw the picture a reporter snapped at the game (which was in the local paper later that week).

In the beginning there were few variations of domain types you purchase as you had a selection of .com, .net, or .org. As the Internet gained popularity with businesses and the general public domains began to expand. you had your .biz and .us or .uk.

We’ve all have heard the great expression, “it’s all about who you know” more times that we can remember. But more often than not it plays very true in our daily lives. The right recommendation from someone could get you your next gig, into the hot new club, and maybe even tickets to the big summer concert. Moofacese is out to help those opportunities thrive when is comes to the jobs market.

One thing Internet technologies have brought us over time is the increasing ability to create customizable or personalized content for ourselves. It started as basic as signing up for a newsletter from your favorite site to customizing a profile to display particular topics. Then we took a giant leap with social media integration. We could now not only see content we were aware of but we could discover new content via our friends and their friends.

Thanks hologram technology of which we’ve only seen like this in Star Trek or Science Fiction movies, we got to enjoy Tupac being back for one night…

Have you ever found yourself standing in a crowded bar during happy hour, waiting for what seems like hours to get a drink or food? Don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there before. You stand around hoping to catch the bartenders attention. When you finally do, you order up your round and snacks. Then you get to think about starting a tab or cashing out? Should you have ordered an extra drink so you don’t have to fight through the crowd again?

Once upon a time we had inboxes with messages only from friends and family or work. An inbox that could be managed in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days. Then the Internet grew up. The chain letters started coming in strong. You HAD to sign up. You didn’t want to be that person responsible for breaking the chain. However after passing on a few, you inbox started to show signs of being cluttered.

Recently we talked with Grocery Coupon Network about the future of couponing and the push towards mobile solutions. Now we bring in the Chief Marketing Officer, Jeffrey Hudson to talk about the new application Grocery Coupon Network engineered to allow the entire coupon printing process to happen from inside Facebook.

This week during SXSW we learned of all sorts of the new startup scenes around the country, even the world. One in particular we talked with was startup accelerator The Gig Tank out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Chattanooga has recently begun to blossom in the world of design, startups, and tech. So here’s an infographic breaking down some of the exciting things to come summer 2012.