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Today marks another great day for the LA startup community as one of the city’s prominent mentoring programs, Launchpad LA, received VC funding – for each startup. Every startup selected and entering into the program will be awarded $50,000 in VC funding, mentoring, and free office space in Santa Monica area within walking distance of the Third Street Promenade.

Everyday we take notes in someway or form. You may make a mental note of what you need to pick up from the store. When you’re sitting in class or meetings, you’re taking notes to further absorb and reference later. Or maybe you have an amazing idea for the next big thing. We use notes as a way of reminding ourselves of things. Granted paper and pencil work, but if you’re anything like myself or most people I know, you’ve got those kinds of notes everywhere. Fetchnotes looks to solve that problem. And their right on track to do so.

We’ve all at some point in our lives have helped support a cause. Whether it was for our own personal morale, a last minute tax write off, or to support a loved one. It’s human nature to help others in some way, some how. Thanks to the growth of the internet we’re able to show that support even greater.

Synhergy Marketing originally was a company setup to be a full service marketing company for the entertainment industry – the record label, the webzine, everything you would need as an artist.

Welcome to the accelerated version of Startup Weekend. I dropped in to check out the contest a few times during the competition and the environment was uplifting and exciting. Brought back fond memories of my weekend at Startup Weekend. walking around seeing coders buried deep into code, focused on completing their product before the clock expired.

I connected with Andrea Gouw, the founder of, on Twitter (thank you social media), when reaching out for women CEOs and founders around the country. Andrea and her team are awesome and provide such a great service for those who want the right type of shopping experience. I must say I’ve become a regular user…continue reading.

I decide to start off these series of interviews highlighting some of the female founders and CEOs from around the country with Los Angeles’s own Cameron Kashani Rasouli of CoLoft. I’ve had the honor of knowing Cameron for quite sometime now and she’s a wonderful person. She’s also half of the team that built the ever growing Coloft in Santa Monica, CA. For those that are unfamiliar with the Coloft (you’ll learn a ton soon), it’s the premier co-working spot in the LA area (I say so). Now I’ll let the interview take it from here.

Three questions with ShareSquare’s CEO, Matthias Galica, on QR codes, ShareSquare, and the  future of QR. Where do you see the QR code market progress towards in the next year? 5 years? In the next 6-12 months I believe we’re going to hit the “social tipping point” whereby the average joe in St. Louis will…continue reading.

Our daily lives are filled with advertisements of the latest and greatest technologies offering to “change the way we live.” Today with such a low entry point, (thanks to the success of the Internet,) these technologies are coming in at a rapid pace. Recently we’ve begun to see the rapid adaptation of mobile applications and their defiance of technology’s limits. These applications have quickly become a part of our daily lives from booking airfare, to social media, to streaming content, etc. As we become more enthralled with the world of instantaneous, there are two pieces of growing technology that will offer us a bright and exciting future. QR codes and Augmented Reality.

The best of the best in Augmented Reality to compete for top industry award. Industry icons Bruce Sterling, Vernor Vinge, Will Wright and Jaron Lanier to judge the Auggies – at the world’s largest AR event