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Among some tech press releases from this week include a few announcements from local LA-based venture, ImageCollect, a micro-stock celebrity photo library, high-res and all all prelicensed. In just over three months, they’ve doubled their library to 3 million photos and are adding 40,000 images per day. The immediate goal is to reach 5M photos by early 2012, all accessible via their streamlined subscription-based service with real time celebrity photo coverage and older archives.

So you have a startup idea, perhaps some level of execution or traction, but you or your co-founders are doing it blind; you trudge along with a little advice or knowledge you’ve picked up in torrented audio books after finally having made that decision to quit the 9-5. You continue to build your venture as lean as possible and hit a personal make it or break it point with a couple of unsuccessful investor meetings and very little guidance. So what’s the next step? You have faith in your idea and your company but the littlest things are occupying the biggest blocks of your time and you feel like you’re getting tunnel vision.

Big news in the mobile sector this week. Yesterday, Lookout, a mobile securities start-up based out of San Francisco, CA announced their release of an iOS version of their widely used Android compatible app. Lookout is a relatively new company, but has been a dominant figure in the mobile securities sector for Android phones. 12 million users world wide across 170 countries is certainly no joke as the company is ranked #1 in Android mobile security and has received numerous awards and accolades for their services.

I entered Pepcom’s Mobile Focus event with heightened excitement after driving through the busy intersections of Downtown San Diego’s rickshaw littered streets. I grew up in this city, so I never have a problem finding an excuse to set foot in my hometown; and even better to check out Pepcom’s vampire themed party with dozens of tech companies eager to show off their latest mobile gadgets, software, products, and perhaps, some innovations.

There’s no question of the monstrous boom in popularity and success of ‘Deal of the Day’ business models, and for good reason, due to a volatile world-wide economic climate. But with continuing success of mega coupon giants like Groupon and Living Social, we can infer that consumers are still willing to enjoy themselves and spend money, but would prefer to be thrifty and keep costs down. But what about for night life? It can’t be the most impressive thing in the world to take a beautiful date out for a night on the town and slap down a crinkled up printout from your email inbox, prominently displaying your thrifty ways. Might work for some, but probably not all. Especially in LA.

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock (and assuming your rock doesn’t have WiFi access) just knows. The news of Steve Job’s passing has exploded across the internet with tribute videos, old video viewings, and news blasts in the form of tweets, posts, and updates at an all time high. With one of the…continue reading.

Sound art (a term first coined in 1982), explores the dynamics relating to the experiential progression of sound from hearing, to listening, to “poetistic” perception, and finally, to aesthetic appreciation. –

Big news in the tech gaming industry with Zynga’s official filing of their S-1 with the SEC. With last week’s valuation rumors ranging in the dozen billion range, the company has officially filed for a $1 billion IPO and is estimated to be worth more than $15 billion. Zynga has best been known for mega…continue reading.

In a sea of generic internship ads seeking ‘candidates with strong work ethic, attention to detail, good analytical skills, and of course, ability to take orders and accept under-compensation’ (okay, maybe not so blatantly on that last one), we stumbled upon quite an interesting tweet:

A little while ago, we and our friends at ImTech were able to sit down with CEO of RoboDynamics, a Santa-Monica based telepresence robotics company and get an in-depth look at their new project, LUNA.  Since ‘her’ official introduction in early May in blogs like Engadget, Crunchgear, Gizmodo, etc. there’s been plenty of buzz about the world’s first consumer-friendly home robot.