Engage:BDR has been around for more than 5 years in the LA tech scene. The successes Engage:BDR has right now, helps highlight LA as a city for tech companies to develop and grow. We talked to Ted Dhanik, the founder of Engage:BDR, about his company and the future of marketing.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Geeks, Tinkerers, Intellectuals and Nerds of all ages, we are delighted to present to you, Two Bit Circus and their highly anticipated S.T.E.A.M. Carnival! A wondrous place designed for kids to learn that Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math are not only interconnected, but fun to boot. Starting today, Two Bit Circus’ Kickstarter Campaign goes live and gladly invites you to help make this truly amazing concept become a reality.

ProProfs started life as a simple online quiz maker that was easy to use. Fast forward two and a half years later and ProProfs is one of the leading online tools that lets the public and private sectors to create online quizzes, polls, surveys, flashcards, and classes with an extensive list of options. Sameer Bhatia is the brains behind ProProfs and created three simple rules to abide by: simplicity, comprehension, and delight.

As we reported earlier, Built in L.A., the online community for the Los Angeles startup scene, soft launched in January with the help of tech leaders, including mega VC Tony Pritzker. A new startup is launched every 40 hours in Los Angeles.

In 2006, Douglas Campbell started Mindshare LA out of the downtown art colony The Brewery. Campbell was new to Los Angeles, freshly inspired from a TED conference, and after attending a smattering of Barcamps and Westside Meetups he was ready to produce his own event that was a mixture of all.

For about 50 years, (…cough M)Ad Men, or marketing and sales individuals, have been the kings of organizational hierarchy … and then came the Internet of things and engineers took over the throne. Yet, winter is always coming for a startup and thus a new breed has arisen from the ashes and honed a new set of skills, the Growth Hacker.

When’s the best time to visit a theme park? During a week-day while the kids are still in school of course! Shorter lines with less fuss, less hassle; you can get more rides in and really have a good time! Well, summer’s almost here and the weather’s warming up. What a perfect opportunity for AT&T to invite an intimate group of techies to spend some time checking out the new HTC One at Universal Studios.

Twitter continues to move into new directions of social media, broadening its offerings. Today, a video partnership with the BBC was announced via (what else?) a tweet that the pair would create the first in-Tweet branded syced video to entertainment series. An interesting announcement fast on the heels of another announcement that the new Twitter #music discovery app is live today.

Full-service Pinterest marketing and technology startup – HelloSociety recently announced it had driven $30 million in additional sales revenue for its over 350 brand clientele through Pinterest.

Santa Monica-based SHIFT,a collaboration platform for marketers and agencies April 9 announced the launch of their Open Marketing Cloud in a move to help marketers work together more efficiently.