After months of submissions the moment you all have been waiting for is here! For those who still might be wondering what Spotlight: LA Tech is all about, It’s a screening room for new technology homegrown in our region. It’s a gallery of great entrepreneurship. It’s a toast to those who build and innovate. It’s a gathering of friends and tech enthusiasts of all stripes.

The Spotlight: LA Tech event is coming along nicely with tons of companies submitted and most of which I wish could all be part of this amazing night. So to help curate and show off the best that LA has to offer we called in a few friends for backup.

On Monday November 1, 2010 TechZulu will present Web TV Workshop Pro-Panel Series live at 9pm PST. You will hear from some of the most successful professionals of the new media space.

Are you creating the next Facebook/Gilt Groupe/Omniture/Sling Media in LA? Are you transforming your industry with technology and making the world a greater place to live? Are you doing things with software, hardware or Web or mobile services that will make fellow techies cheer in admiration? Then we want you.

In this episode of TechZulu Live we had special guest Eric Jackson CEO of Caplinked and former U.S. Marketing Director for Paypal Inc. CapLinked was founded in late 2009 by Eric M. Jackson and Christopher Grey.

Greg Ferenstein is our local Fast Company expert blogger, educator of improved and needed skills in the 21st century at UCI (University of California, Irvine), and all around fantastic guy to know.  Greg is the kind of guy that likes things short, sweet and to the point as most of us on the web are,…continue reading.

Lewis Howes knows his stuff about Linkedin and being the co-author of “LinkedWorking” I would hope so.  His story about how he became so knowledgeable about LinkedIn is not only inspiring but a bit hilarious.  We caught up with Lewis and got him to spill the beans on a few great LinkedIn tips to not…continue reading.

Looking for a place to get your feet wet on blogging and social media?  The Bloggers Bulletin might be the place for you.  Focused specifically on the business community they have over 45 contributors to help get you started with facebook, Twitter, to even creating a WordPress blog for your company.  They have only been…continue reading.

According to Jim Swift Cortera is like a Yelp for business credit.  Allowing large and small businesses to rate the payments experiences they have for their customers.  Until Cortera’s launch at DEMO fall 2009 Dun & Bradstreet had been the major player in the business credit market.  Jim, However, says that Dun & Bradstreet fail…continue reading.

  Many of you may know StumbleUpon as the website that randomly drops you into sites of your personal interest.  Well did you know that some of those sites could be planted Advertisements?  Well according to StumbleUpon they are highly targeted ads that are relevant to your stumbles.  On the Publisher side, However, it can…continue reading.