Coremetrics is a online marketing and business optimization solution. They help your business by finding you the most profitable customers and analyzing their online interaction with your website. If this is sounding pretty familiar it’s because most analytics services, such as Google Analytics, Omniture, and others do pretty much the same thing. They are really…continue reading.

I’ve been getting a lot of “What is this?  This is awesome!” lately and it is all because I have no business cards.  So I decided to let you all know of an amazing product called Contxts.  It is currently in public ‘alpha’, the service lets you share contact details using just your mobile phone…continue reading.

Few people have created entire industries out of thin-air. Certainly, inventors during the industrial revolution were busy, but many of their inventions didn’t move the needle very far. Nolan Busnell knows how to capture people’s excitement and enthusiasm and has turned it into new forms of entertainment and industry for more than 40 years. Read…continue reading.

  42 Entertainment is a media agency that creates immersive entertainment, with a major component being alternate reality games (ARG’s).  They make sure to utilize the ways people use technology and the ways communities come together across the web.  In collaboration with Trent Reznor, they are also the brilliant mind behind Nine Inch Nail’s ARG,…continue reading.

  The future of branding is all about creating an interactive experience, well, basically everywhere.   Michael Fiore of boutique, creative agency, The Loyalty, Inc. is pushing this concept in the projects he takes on at his agency.  They do more than the traditional agency in that they focus heavily on industrial design.  What does all…continue reading.

Keeping up with the digital world is increasingly becoming more and more important, especially for those coming from traditional media.  Todd Singerman understands the relevance in this as he comes from a traditional background in the music industry.  He currently manages metal band Motorhead and has previously worked with others, including Sepultera and Zebrahead.  …continue reading.

For those who might not know of William Quigley  here is a short bio:   “William Quigley is a managing director at Clearstone Venture Partners. During his first two-and-a-half years with the firm, he worked out of the idealab! incubator and helped launch and lead investments in many idealab! backed companies including, FreePC,…continue reading.

At the close of the TechCrunch 50 conference a few weeks ago, I sat down with Rick Heitzmann of FirstMark Capital and Mark Sugarman of MHS Capital to find out why venture capitalists come to conventions, what they thought, and what advice they would give to presenting companies.

Stickam has released some great new products these past few months and also have done some awesome new partnership deals *wink-wink*.  We bring you Jake Gold (CTO) and Steven Fruchter (CEO) of Stickam to tell you a little about the new products and how you can make some money by using Stickam.

Search Engine World is a service to the web site administrator community.  They are here for WebmasterWorld members to discuss the process of doing business on the internet. Running a website takes a great deal of knowledge. The design, coding, maintenance, promotion, marketing, and management of a website is almost an impossible task for one…continue reading.