Tech Coast Angels is the largest angel investor group in the US, with nearly 300 members and $100M personally invested in startups over the last decade. Some of their major hits include Sandpiper Networks (acquired by Digital Island for $630M) and Green Dot (NYSE: GDOT). And in recent years, they’ve been involved in some interesting SoCal startups such as Zag, SodaHead, and Vokle.

Somrat goes over the beginnings of Miso and how they are striving to be the ultimate TV companion. Somrat and Amanda discuss how the check-in craze is just a feature and how Miso is working on delivering true value to the consumer.

If you’re an LA entrepreneur and have not been to Coloft yet, you’re seriously missing out. Located just a few blocks from 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, this co-working space has evolved into the central meeting place for the Los Angeles startup scene. Avesta Rasouli and Cameron Kashani founded Coloft with the hopes of building an incredible environment for creative and technical talent to work, without having to spend an arm and a leg on office space. And, it seems that there’s no better event that highlights this goal than Startup Nights.

This week TechZulu Live is back from the holiday break with an amazing interview lined up for this thursday. Our special guest this week is Somrat Niyogi CEO & Co-Founder of Miso. Miso is a “Foursquare for TV+Movies” app, rewarding users with badges when they check-in to TV shows via the iPhone, iPad, Android, and web.

Remember the first time you used Google Docs? Magical, right? Well, Kyle Ellicott (serial entrepreneur and FIDM web lead) and Brian Robinson (founder of ndmweb) thought that web developers should get a taste of that collaboration innovation as well.

Namesake aims to create a better way to match and route opportunities that come across your desk every day. Create a network on the platform by importing your Twitter and Facebook contacts.

Distribber.com isa new-model flat-fee distribution service that places independent films on digital sales platforms such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Cable VOD while allowing filmmakers to keep 100% of their revenue

TekTrak is a smartphone security company that developed software which allows users to accurately track their lost or misplaced phone, and remotely secure any private or sensitive data stored on the device.

We here at TechZulu could have not asked for a better night. Amazing Spotlight companies, a fantastic audience, and great conversation sparked by the mixing and mingling of the academic and business worlds. We accomplished exactly what we were striving for with Spotlight, by providing a gallery of great entrepreneurship and raising a glass to those who build and innovate.

After months of submissions the moment you all have been waiting for is here! For those who still might be wondering what Spotlight: LA Tech is all about, It’s a screening room for new technology homegrown in our region. It’s a gallery of great entrepreneurship. It’s a toast to those who build and innovate. It’s a gathering of friends and tech enthusiasts of all stripes.