Jason Nazar CEO of Docstoc put on a great talk on mistakes people make before starting a new business. Previously we had posted his presentation slides which you can find here.  Now we bring you the talk itself for all you non-readers out there ;)

  We have partnered up with Dealmaker Media and are able to bring you some lovely gifts.  Like 10 VIP tickets to Startonomics!  As you may already know the price has jumped today to $250 but the first 10 People who gives us a shoutout saying (@TechZulu rocks! http://www.techzulu.com) we will give you access to…continue reading.

Mistakes People Make Before Starting a New Business – Free Legal Forms Jason Nazar CEO of Docstoc put on a great talk on mistakes people make before starting a new business. The house was packed and I’m’ not too sure if people on the waiting list were able to get in (free event and being…continue reading.

Twiistup 5 is literally less than one month away!  Yes we all know that it is in a Hanger in Santa Monica, CA but what is this Twiistup’s theme?  Is it crazy circus?  Maybe a Luau? Or perhaps even a winter wonderland (Even though here in Southern California it already seems like summer these past…continue reading.

This is a Guest Post by Josh Highland, Founder of Not Popular.   Volkan Uzun is the winner of the Inland Empire .NET Users Group’s, 2008 Most Valuable Member Award. Volkan is very active in the .NET community. He is the IE .NET UG study group leader, and the developer/instructor of free 12 week long…continue reading.

  Last month, Mixergy held a forum where the topic was “How to get your startup funded”. The panelists included William Quigley, Mark Suster and Daniel Gould. The event brought in about 100 people in a private theater listening and learning about the process and what are the secrets to getting your company funded. One…continue reading.

GRP Partners is a venture capital firm based in Los Angeles that also has investment partners in London and Paris. They focus on early-stage (A and B rounds) in technology, digital media, retail and finance. GRP funded Mark’s first 2 companies (BuildOnline and Koral) and has worked with them for 8 years before joining.  …continue reading.

Jeff currently acts as a “buy side” venture consultant for family offices who have a interest building and investing in Southern California technology companies. Jeff sources and builds teams for Texas based Hunt Ventures, San Francisco based MHS Capital and the Tech Coast Angels. Jeff has been the Investment Screening Director for the Tech Coast…continue reading.

Warm Blessing is a social fundraising website (non-religious, non-organizational, non-political fundraising website).  They focus on helping the individuals of the world to raise money for the different events of their lives.  Whether it be for tuition money, wedding, hardship due to medical bills, or many other reasons.  WarmBlessing.com is here to help. How it works:…continue reading.

LeisureLink provides electronic distribution and online property marketing services to the vacation lodging industry. LeisureLink enables lodging companies to make their vacation lodging, timeshare and condohotel properties widely available through online travel websites and traditional travel agents. LeisureLink delivers broad distribution, property marketing services and pricing assistance to increase rental bookings and maximize property managers’…continue reading.