After developing a website, web application or software the last thing we want is for our golden users that were so tough to attract in the first place to have a sluggish experience. GraphDat helps streamline the process of maintaining quick and reliable server performance.

Being an entrepreneur is scary. Every day we have to make decisions we don’t know are right or wrong and most times we just do our best to trust our gut. Then people like Kevin Winston storm into a city like Superman to save the day and make all our lives just a little bit easier. That’s what Kevin’s conference, Silicon Beach Fest (SBF), did for Los Angeles entrepreneurs.

You have probably heard of several projects from @WalmartLabs, such as Polaris, a search engine; Shopycat, a social gift finder; Classrooms, a program to simplify back-to-school shopping.

Goodies Co has today November 26 introduced Free Shipping to help shoppers enjoy goodies from Cyber Monday till Friday, November 30 as Christmas fast approaches.

Fan Appz, a Santa Monica headquartered firm founded in 2010, and a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) today Tuesday launched its Personalized Marketing Platform, a next-generation social media marketing solution set to help firms convert fans into customers and increase repeat purchases by turning good customers into great ones.

One month old Hub LA already has over 100 members! They didn’t use any magic, its just what they offer and an awesome community of friends, press and members.

TechZulu caught up with Ann Le, MD of Hub LA and we learned about their business acceleration services, social/civic events, and cultural/arts and above all programming sessions!

It’s oh so quiet on the early morning streets of Beverly Hills. Slowly, a trickle of hipsters braving the chilly air starts to materialize, rounding corners and making a beeline for the warmth and strong coffee aroma wafting out of the Coupa Café. Come rain or shine, the social media community gathers together here to share breakfast, network and learn at the Social Media Breakfast LA (SMBLA) monthly meeting. October’s talk was called “Social Media Analytics Demystified” given by Apryl DeLancey of Blaze PR.

Hours after the panelists debated the future of content distribution at the Silicon Beach @ USC conference, across campus at the Annenberg Innovation Lab a remarkable product demo was taking place by Coincident.TV . A technology that will surely revolutionize how viewers interact with content and television in the very near future. Coincident has created a platform that will allow storytellers and producers to create robust second screen stories on the fly that incorporate video, images and other web content. The implications of what types of new interactive experiences can be made utilizing this technology are phenomenal.

It’s unbelievable how often start up founders stifle their company from growing by not knowing how to effectively communicate their brand. From devising a tweet length pitch to having an easy to remember name, each branding opportunity is a touch point for a new customer to be attracted to what you have to offer. In this article the focus will be on how to successfully attract media attention.

Lyfe Mobile is a new Southern California startup that combines augmented reality (AR) with traditional ad networks and real-time bidding (RTB) to offer advertisers and brands a unique opportunity to engage customers in an exciting new way.

It is that time of year again, when the digital and tech world looked up from their busy workload just long enough to make sure that they are “represented” with a kickass submission for a panel or two at the most prestigious conference all year, SXSWi (South by Southwest Interactive Festival).