When’s the best time to visit a theme park? During a week-day while the kids are still in school of course! Shorter lines with less fuss, less hassle; you can get more rides in and really have a good time! Well, summer’s almost here and the weather’s warming up. What a perfect opportunity for AT&T to invite an intimate group of techies to spend some time checking out the new HTC One at Universal Studios.

amSTATZ is an online community that brings fitness professionals, athletes and fitness events together into one place. The fitness professional network develops business tools that make it easier for fitness professionals to run their businesses and keep their clients engaged between training sessions.

Meeting strangers can be…well…a strange ordeal. Either everything can go well and leads to a new friend or everything goes wrong and leads to creating a missed opportunity. In the business world, this is more crucial as it can lead to potential future opportunities or be the very downfall of a career. The developers of CanWeNetwork want to make it easier for people to meet and discuss future business endeavors and/or grow their network base.

TechZulu will be bringing you all Civic Innovation Showcase action live tonight starting at 8pm from the Hub LA office in Downtown Los Angeles. Hub Los Angeles, in partnership with The LA Mayor’s Council on Innovation and Industry & The LA Chamber of Commerce Emerging Technology Center & City Innovation Group, is pleased to announce an evening event to showcase local civic innovators & celebrate the launch of MyLA311.

Sometimes the companies with the biggest social good impact, move in a humble motion, creating waves of excellence. This is what I noticed when I stumbled upon As a start-up mobile app development company, ROAR focuses on the non-profit and church verticals. ROAR is an integration partner of Appcelerator, and they build native cross platform apps on Titanium. Last year alone, this small company pushed out an enormous amount of mobile apps, to the tune of 600+.

Washington DC’s Colonial Parking has today partnered with ParkMe to provide real-time occupancy information for more than 100 of their parking facilities in DC in a move seen to make Washington, D.C. a world leader in off-street smart parking.

TechZulu has been covering the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive festival for five years now, and we’ve seen a lot in that time. We remember when Foursquare was battling it out with local Austin competitor Gowalla, and when Brian Solis would instigate pop-up champagne parties at the Driskill.

Going to concerts are fun and memorable times for everyone. Reliving those times are hard however, knowing either you or a few people posted their videos on YouTube or any other online video service and searching can be a chore. CrowdSync is going to change and revolutionize the way we can bring all those concert memories back.

There is a plethora of tech innovation going on in Los Angeles right now, and not only in Silicon Beach — but all over from downtown to the valleys to everywhere in between. New entrepreneurs are setting up shop and the city is encouraging tech development with exciting initiatives. Keeping track of all the new companies, funding, networking and events going on across town is challenging.

I could feel the hackers excitement as I stepped into the AT&T and American Airline’s room at the Hilton in downtown Austin at SXSW 2013. This isn’t AT&T Developers Program’s first rodeo at SXSW. All I know is things are super dialed in at these hacks. AT&T, American Airlines and the other sponsors (like dot CO, Hertz, and Voice Park), spare no expense to make sure these hackers are treated like royalty. Not only did they get all types of swag and great food, these hackers got to be some of the first to build on APIs from AT&T and American Airlines.