Social Media

On August 9th, Startup Weekend San Diego and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University partnered with Google to host the very first Startup Weekend focused on helping Veterans, Service Members and Military Families turn their visions into reality in creating a startup company.

GraphEffect today unveiled the latest version of its social network for marketers with an open API for developers. GraphEffect is a collaboration platform for social marketers which had only been available to large marketing partners including American Express, Toyota, Estee Lauder, Clorox, and Samsung.

Who doesn’t like to save a little dough on texting? Well for those with limited texting plans anyway. The Hallo app from Developer Hallo, Inc. will allow you to do just that and much more. Compatible with the iOS and Android Hallo allows you to send quick voice messages privately to individuals and groups or publicly to followers within the app as well as to Facebook and Twitter.

Viddy, called by many as the new Twitter, but for video, had a #splashmob this weekend at Santa Monica Beach. They partnered with Uber to drive people to and from the event. Uber is an easy to use door to door car service knocking out the need for taxi cabs like bumper cars. After enjoying the heat wave in the ocean bouncing Waboba balls on the water, yes the balls bounce on water! the Viddy crew headed to the Arbor Collective showroom on the Venice boardwalk for an exclusive party.

Airtime is testing new features to make it the best video network ever. The new video posts and revamped buddy lists will enable users share live experiences with their friends.

Airtime was launched on June 5th as the first live video network by founders Sean Parker, Shawn Fanning and Joey Liaw.

Jobscience early today acquired Atomkeep in a move the company says was to help job seekers validate their social image over the various social networks to avoid mistaken identities from would be employers.
Jobscience says on their blog that it was built on’s platform and gives social entreprises recruiting and talent management solutions.

Gabi is not someone you know, she is not your friend next door nor your brother’s girlfriend, she is not even a she after all. A much more different Gabi is making news here.
A new startup from as far as Berlin, loui AppsUG is making Facebook more interesting and personalized to as real as following status updates relating to one’s mood and preferences.

Thomas Power CEO of Ecademy Interview. You can skip to the 2nd hour about the future and visions about Social Media. Great discussion and insight on what the future may hold.

Are you familiar with The Secret and The Law of Attraction? It’s the theory that you can manifest your thoughts into reality. Law of Attraction states that whatever is in your thoughts, be it negative or positive, you’ll draw those same thoughts to you whether you wanted to or not. The discipline needed to create your reality is to believe, be aware of your thoughts and have control over them. Being skilled on focusing your thoughts is important.

Microsoft in late June announced to have acquired social network for enterprises Yammer at $ 1.2 billion.But the deal has been fully completed today.
According to the Jared Spataro Senior Director, Office Division, Microsoft in a blog post the firm had met all the requirements regarding the acquisition.