The booth for San Diego based Tweetphoto was a happening spot at the 140 Characters Conference. Joined by 140conf speaker and Tweetphoto Co-founder, Rodney Rumford (@rumford) and CEO, Dan Caulfield; the Tweetphoto team was front and center, next to the Kodak booth, to spread the word about their engaging Twitter-centric photo sharing service. They even had a few moments to chat it up with TechZulu’s Amanda Coolong:

TechZulu would like to present HQ.0! HQ.0 lets you get an up close and personal look inside the hottest offices of your favorite companies! You’ve got an all-access pass inside their offices—the ones you wish you had! Now if only your parents basement could transform into a 314,159 ft2 tricked out office, that would make life grand.

In my first stint as a guest correspondent for TechZulu, I caught up with Ashton Kutcher at the TechCrunch 50 and got the scoop on his new Blah Girls website. Check out the video and see how I got punk’d.

Phonevite is one of the Twiistup 4 showoffs

Here”s a *raw* video of my interview with Sarah Lacy from last night”s Mixergy Drinks 2.0 event [1]. It was shot by a guest on a little camera, while Tech Zulu [2] filmed using their professional equipment. The audio and video on this version are pretty bad. When Tech Zulu posts the official version, I”ll…continue reading.

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