The Going green lifestyle is a huge trend right now and if you are looking to find out what your carbon footprint is checkout OpenTrace.  Hirofumi Manganji of OpenTrace gives an in depth look of this brand new environmental infrastructure that aggregates product material information from the bottom up and dynamically calculates the environmental load.

No. Not enough. Not nearly enough. And I have no idea. These are my answers to Fitbit’s questions which they pose on their website (reprinted below). The tiny Fitbit Tracker device (which can be clipped to your jeans or cuff of your shirt), can answer the questions automatically, as it tracks one’s fitness and sleep.…continue reading.

Inspired by Wikipedia and Google, DotSpots brings the wisdom of crowds to every block of text on the web. It aims to give power and information to the people. Leveraging automatic semantic matching and enabling bloggers to reach a more mainstream audience through it, while also giving mainstream media the benefits of insight from bloggers…continue reading.

TechZulu caught up with the LA Mixers crew at their most recent event, hosted at wine bar Eight-18 in Toluca Lake.  As always, it brought out a crowd of tech, entertainment, advertising, and entrepreneur types, as well as the valley peeps, of course, since it was on their side of town.  The ambiance was inviting,…continue reading.

Closet Couture solves the age-old problem of having plenty of clothes but nothing to wear. Anchored around the concept of virtual closets, this online fashion community makes it easy to maximize your wardrobe by pairing existing items with new purchases. If you want to refine your image, simply enlist the help of a site stylist…continue reading.

Mixx is your link to the web content that really matters. Use YourMixx to tailor the content categories, tags, specific users and groups, and They’ll deliver the top-rated content as chosen by you and people who share your passions.  

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Liana Lehua at the Blog World Expo and she is one of the most kind and joy giving persons out there. Currently her company is in a bit of a bind. Liana has been sick since October 4th, and is currently located in an LA hospital. With bills piling…continue reading.

Advertise and get noticed with us! TechZulu is seeking out site sponsors for our large diverse audience — social media users, venture capitalist, PR people, developers, bloggers, Hollywood entertainment and many more. You’ll receive recognition as a thank you for your sponsorship. Are you interested? Contact us for more information. Our valued sponsor are SplashCast…continue reading.

The Code Show brings it’s second lecture to the LA startup, tech, and entertainment scene with a crash course in PR from Nicole Jordan. If you missed it TechZulu has you covered.  We bring you the talk in all of its entirety.  We broke it up into 5 videos of 10 minutes each.   To…continue reading.

From the bleachers to the dance floor and now on TechZulu, Mark Cuban has seen it, done it, and pretty much lived it all.  Growing up in a working class family in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania to becoming a Multibillionaire, Mark is the definition of an entrepreneur.  He gives you some very simple pointers for your…continue reading.