The November Mindshare event was truely amazing.  If you missed it ‘Live’ shame on you!  No need to worry though, the TechZulu crew has you covered. Dr. Amir Give’on kicks it off with the search for Earth-like Planets and brought along some amazing visuals.  Michael Berman dazzled the audience with how you could make your…continue reading.

Last week, I spoke with Vangard Voice Systems Inc. CEO Bob Bova on controlling devices with your voice. We talk about new solutions out there from other big players and how voice is the best interface for a lot of activities. Finally, Bob mentioned how Vangard was started and gives good advice on your own…continue reading.

Looking for VC funding right now is just a waste of your time. Or is it?  Last week Dealmaker Media held the VC Outlook for the 2009 year and the VC’s are not shutting their doors yet. The economy is not in tip-top shape right now, but the money is out there. The days of…continue reading.

TechZulu’s Geoffrey Emery interviews Microsoft Architecture Evangelist David Chow at the PDC Underground. What is a Architect Evangelist? ITs a person who specializes in a  Microsoft Technology and helps other Architects in the business world find the right answers and the right people for the job at hand. David’s current Technology Platform is Microsoft Cloud…continue reading.

Yes, it’s official: we have been in recession since December of last year. It’s also official that people want to spend their holiday season having fun anyway. For City of Industry-based Newegg, 2008 is just another growth year. According to vice president of marketing and merchandising Bernard Luthi,  “We view market downturns as opportunities to grow…continue reading.

One of my favorite quotes by the late Arthur C. Clarke is “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” In computers, the ultimate, magical input interface has always been voice recognition (i.e. “A keyboard? How quaint!”). Vangard Voice Systems recently released their Mobile Voice Platform (MVP) and I will be talking to Vangard CEO Bob Bova…continue reading.

  The future of branding is all about creating an interactive experience, well, basically everywhere.   Michael Fiore of boutique, creative agency, The Loyalty, Inc. is pushing this concept in the projects he takes on at his agency.  They do more than the traditional agency in that they focus heavily on industrial design.  What does all…continue reading.

I know you aren’t really working at your desk anyway; you’re checking the news, Facebook and email. You are thinking about the party you just had/will have and looking at someone else’s/your own holiday wish list. Surf with a purpose by voting in the FINAL voting round of the Open Web Awards!   According to…continue reading.

David Robinson, senior producer of Afro Samurai at Namco Bandai is bringing Afro Samurai to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this fall. Based on the hit animated series starring Samuel L. Jackson, Afro Samurai brings a unique blend of music for the game soundtrack provided by Wu-Tang Clan member RZA.  The music has a huge…continue reading.

Keeping up with the digital world is increasingly becoming more and more important, especially for those coming from traditional media.  Todd Singerman understands the relevance in this as he comes from a traditional background in the music industry.  He currently manages metal band Motorhead and has previously worked with others, including Sepultera and Zebrahead.  …continue reading.