CellFrog just announce their syncing capabilities with your google accounts.  I just tried it out and it worked seamlessly.  Originally when CellFrog was first made public they had Plaxo syncing capabilities from the start.  The thing was that all of my contacts were in google, so manually entering all of my contacts to make a…continue reading.

Today Skyfire has released a new version of their browser for Windows Mobile. Skyfire  a mobile browser that gives you the most feature complete way to view the web on your phone as it would look on your desktop PC. This means YouTube, Hulu, Flash 10, Silverlight 2, Quicktime, AJAX, it’s all in there. This…continue reading.

According to Mashable the website Jaman will offer a live stream with Facebook chat: you can comment live on the event with just your friends, or everyone on the site. And of course all your commentary is posted to Facebook as a status update, thanks to Facebook Connect. This could be really cool. Of coures…continue reading.

Microsoft Office Live Small Business is a web hosting service that gives you a domain name (any available .com, .net, .org, or .info), email, business management tools, collaboration tools, and more, for a surprising price tag: $0. Despite the Small Business moniker, the service doesn’t appear to be limited only to businesses—meaning you could probably…continue reading.

Incase you weren’t one of the lucky 250 people to get tickets to tonight’s MindShare. We are streaming the keynotes live at http://techzulu.com/live.html starting around 9-930pm Also at tonight’s event I will be doing a Microsoft Tag Treasure Hunt! If you are attending you can find the buried treasure through tags. People who find at…continue reading.

Get it on your phone at http://m.google.com from your mobile phone. The software gives you faster searching on your Windows Mobile device, with easy access to your favorite Google applications from the Today screen. Following last week’s big news introducing Google Sync for Windows Mobile (and iPhone), Google’s finally decided to loop Windows Mobile users…continue reading.

Don’t drain yourself and try to be an expert in every aspect of a business.  Sometimes recognizing your weaknesses and focusing on your strengths can just rocket your business to a whole new level.  Finding a partner that is just as passionate about your company can be tricky but when you do, it sure can…continue reading.

The Hash is the nice charcter “#” that we sometimes see in urls.It can be easly used as a parameter start point in your urls. Why do you care? Well the “Big 3? search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) broke big news last week with the announcement they will support a Canonical URL tag to…continue reading.

The official name is Windows Marketplace for Mobile, rather than the codename SkyMarket as mentioned before in this blog. Unfortently it is only available for 6.5 initially i believe and not will be available to consumers in the second-half of 2009.. According to Mobile Services General Manager Bart Wojciehowski. Windows market place rich and integrated…continue reading.

Guest Post by Brooks Bayne of That’s What He Said Last night, fellow Los Angeleno, Jason Calacanis (@jasoncalacanis) tweeted about several folks acquiring 30k+ new followers in 6 days. I know Jason pays attention to numbers since part of his business is watching the numbers. Jason’s an industry leader using SEO to promote his business,…continue reading.