Yes folks, it is true. Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer) stalks TechZulu and we have the video to prove it.   Becoming part of the blogging and social media scene is easier than one may think. At the New Media Expo we were presented with a whole host of applications and tools designed to help anyone participate…continue reading.

Guest post by Ned Madden of Madden Communications  During the VentureNet Forum Ned Madden interviewed Sid Mohasseb of the Tech Coast Angels, about the investment opportunities here in Southern California and asked about his thoughts on the VentureNet Forum itself.   The interviews is as follows: Sid Mohasseb, Managing Director – Venture FarmPresident, Tech Coast…continue reading.

If you are trying to really get the word out about your video content and tired of going to every video sharing site, Tubemogul is the spot for you. Tubemogul allows you “Set it and forget it”, giving you the freedom of not worrying if you have uploaded your content to every account.  Enter in…continue reading.

Los Angeles, CA (September 30, 2008) – FREEDOMSPEAKS.COM, the world’s first non-partisanonline political community announced today the launch of their API (Application ProgrammingInterface) andWidgets making publicly available their database of over 10,000 public officialprofiles. The API also leverages key technologies developed by FreedomSpeaks that facilitate thedirect communication of citizens with their publicly elected officials. Today’s…continue reading.

It is always some crazy times when we catch up with anyone from the Guild or Ask A Ninja.  But to have them both in one spot is guaranteed madness! Felicia Day of the Guild gives up an update on the progress of her new season along with her take of what it is like…continue reading.

When it comes to Self Branding and promotion, you need all the help you can get, and Viddler is all about helping you out.  If you haven’t noticed, TechZulu uses Viddler for all of its videos. However, if you haven’t noticed it’s probably because our player looks like we have totally customized our own flash…continue reading.

TechZulu is proud to announce it is partnering with BeenUp2 to bring you the “BeenUp2 Weekend Reboot.”  Show your love for the weekends and let the world know what you’ve BeenUp2.  BeenUp2 is a photo-centric social utility, utilizing the power of camera enabled cell phones to provide a fun and easy way for people to…continue reading.

Advertise and get noticed with us! TechZulu is seeking out site sponsors for our large diverse audience — social media users, venture capitalist, PR people, developers, bloggers, Hollywood entertainment and many more. You’ll receive recognition as a thank you for your sponsorship. Are you interested? Contact us for more information. Our valued sponsors are SplashCast…continue reading.

The restaurant napkin, long the valuable scratch pad whose ideas often get lost in the laundry has gotten the ultimate upgrade. With Evernote, you can take a picture of a napkin or anything else you may wish to remember later. You can also record an audio note, enter some text or scribble a note on…continue reading.

PASADENA, Calif., – September 25, 2008 – Online study community announced today it has secured $3M in Series A financing led by Mr. Shai Reshef, an online education industry veteran. Reshef has been appointed Chairman, joining Co-founders Aaron Hawkey and Robert Angarita on the Board. is a global study community that helps hundreds…continue reading.