The mobile world has gone app store crazy lately, with Apple’s pushing up revenue in rough economic times, RIM’s BlackBerry Application World launching tomorrow, and of course Microsoft’s Marketplace will finally bring a little order to the chaotic Windows Mobile world of software apps. Today at CTIA Microsoft announced 27 big-name partners for their Marketplace…continue reading.

Starting now, Windows Live Mobile is available for download. Basically, it’s a suite of internet services for Windows Mobile devices. It includes Windows Live Search, Windows Live Messenger, Live Contacts, and Live Spaces. It should be pretty handy for those that use a lot of Microsoft’s products. You can visit the mobile site right from…continue reading.

  Along with videos, a slide show is another great way to build and bait for links. Besides, taking additional advantage of your Power Point presentation during the conference period is quite a useful topic, I guess. Distribute is a free service to host and promote your slide show. It “nofollows” profile links but…continue reading.

Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc. and Inc. are launching services to let customers buy tickets directly from their mobile phones, in an ambitious attempt to extend Internet commerce to cellphone screens. Starting this month, U.S. and Canadian BlackBerry users will be able to search Ticketmaster’s inventory and purchase tickets on their handsets. will let baseball…continue reading.

The MSN Mobile site has recently been updated to include a lot more content, most notably additional videos from MSN Videos. The new videos section of the MSN Mobile site is now offering both high and low quality streaming videos in addition to a download option which you can use to save the videos onto…continue reading.

Looking ahead, we recognize the future importance of touch interfaces, but we believe that there is another input device that is already present in most new computers and it’s ready to enable a whole new way of user-interaction: the webcam. Today we introduce Face Gestures, a revolutionary technology designed to make interacting with your browser…continue reading.

Apparently Microsoft has had enough. In response to all the Windows 7 build leaks that have been spreading via torrent sites like Pirate Bay and Mininova, Microsoft has announced that all builds will now be posted to a public torrent tracker for anyone who wants to download them. It’s a smart move. After all, build…continue reading.

  While at Mix09 Geoffrey Emery talked to Angus Logan and James Senior about New Improvements to Live Messenger, In the second part of the interview we dive into what is new in the live framework. Its amazing at how much stuff these guys have going on. Sometimes it makes my head spin. In this…continue reading.

Just over a year since it implemented AdSense for Video, Google announced that it will soon be stopping the said AdSense program by the end of April.  According to the Inside AdSense blog, the decision was made after a careful review of the program which they found out was not creating the impact that Google…continue reading.

As predicted, today’s Marketplace good news is that Microsoft would back down from their $99 update charge to Marketplace apps. CNET’s Tom Krazit reports that in a major reversal now all updates or version upgrades for applications that have already been submitted to the store will be accepted free of charge. This applies to minor…continue reading.