Guest Post by Enrique Gutierrez of Digithrive, Inc I’m excited for what 2009 brings to my spirits, but with a firm grasp on reality, I feel it’s important to also understand what’s really in store for 2009. I’ll break it down as I see it quarter-by-quarter and hope for the best along the way. Without…continue reading.

2008 will go down as a year of great activity, not only for the election and the economy but for the evolution of community and culture online. In short, a lot happened this year. Here at TechZulu, we too are reflective about the year that is about to pass but also really excited about the…continue reading.

Southern California is home to the world’s highest concentration of air and space technology, from the Spruce Goose to the International Space Station (ISS). The area’s scientists and engineers are adjacent to the endless Hollywood gossip scene. Guys like Howard Hughes would even cross between these worlds. Now, in this same backyard, a baby company…continue reading.

With the clock ticking down the end of 2008, we wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone who has helped make TechZulu possible. We are doing it the best way we know how!  A video, music and some rockin’ photos provided by our very own Wm. Marc Salsberry. TechZulu has had an awesome 2008…continue reading.

2009 is coming. Are your folders and digital archives prepared? Many remember to do end of year clean up, but what about the computers? Here are 5 things on what you can do to get organized before the new year arrives:

Have you ever found it hard to make a meaningful New Years Resolution. How about getting the randomized? Now you can with a cool little app from Pop. Once you have entered a user name you can just spin the wheel and you instantly have some new years resolutions that you won’t live up to.Have…continue reading.

In this interview TechZulu’s Amanda Coolong interviews Jason Mauer about what it takes to keep developers motivated in todays current Environment. Jason a seasoned developer that is now a Microsoft developer evangelist breaks down how Microsoft does this in several unique and interesting ways. Things like hiring smart people to work along side with so…continue reading.

Few people have created entire industries out of thin-air. Certainly, inventors during the industrial revolution were busy, but many of their inventions didn’t move the needle very far. Nolan Busnell knows how to capture people’s excitement and enthusiasm and has turned it into new forms of entertainment and industry for more than 40 years. Read…continue reading.

Merry Christmas! From the TechZulu Crew to you! Now here is this obligatory yule log!  

Gifts are a function of budget and most of us don’t have a proper budget for gifts this year. Therefore, I have put together a list that has both meaning and stretches your buck. If you are buying for the 25th and you are out of time, you may wish to try a printout and…continue reading.