We in the tech world are intimately familiar with business ventures that found their start in someone’s garage. Steve Fambro’s latest accomplishment began in much the same way, but with one big difference: he gets to drive his product back into the garage every night. Fambro is co-founder and CTO of Aptera, the company behind…continue reading.

We at TechZulu have a lot to celebrate. Our rock-star leader, Efren Toscano, turned 24 today (errr…yesterday ;-)), and as a news organization we are on the brink of our one year anniversary. Thanks to everyone who raised a glass (or two) with us at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and to all who shared their…continue reading.

There was a great turnout for the Social Media Club Los Angeles November.  The topic was; Is Social Media changing the face of politics?  There was a lot of talk of the ways in which social media has effected the political process and political outcomes in the U.S. The speakers and moderators are listed below.…continue reading.

Now that the all the nominations have been tallied and the first phase is done, I would just like to thank all of the TechZulu community who took part in the nominations process.   It is time to cast your vote for your favorite company in each category. Use this widget to the right to…continue reading.

TechZulu is back at Mindshare for some more enlightened debauchery. We want you to come out as well by clicking here, so if you were thinking about it how does $5 off the purchase price sound to you? All you have to do is enter in TECHZULU for the discount code and presto chango you…continue reading.

Come join the TZ crew and Southern California’s tech finest to celebrate Black Friday and Thanksgiving at uWink on their Hollywood and Highland location.  TechZulu is gathering the Southern California tech family for an evening of meeting, mingling and conversing about all your awesome Black Friday findings. We’re bringing the people of Southern California together,…continue reading.

Berlin, November 17th 2008: Just in time for its closed beta roll-out, the German-based pre-launch startup plista, provider of the personalization and recommendation network plista.com, receives funding by renowned investors. The Draper Investment Company, which made a name for themselves by seed-financing Skype – one of the most successful and disruptive internet startups within the…continue reading.

Tesla Motors Senior Design Executive Franz Von Holzhausen takes some time out from showing off the Roadster at L.A. Tech Week to chat with TechZulu. Diving into what they have planned for the future and a few updates on Tesla’s sedan due to come out. Franz explains some of the design aspects of the Roadster…continue reading.

Add Your Event The event section can provide your event with tremendous visibility and traction.  Not only will it be displayed to the right of every page at TechZulu, but the event will also get a weekly mention.  In order to participate, there are a few criterion you must meet: Must be submitted at least…continue reading.

Advertise and get noticed with us! TechZulu is seeking out site sponsors for our large diverse audience — social media users, venture capitalist, PR people, developers, bloggers, Hollywood entertainment and many more. You’ll receive recognition as a thank you for your sponsorship. Are you interested? Contact us for more information. Our valued sponsor are Pubcon,…continue reading.