Skype  4 (download here) has arrived.But now the Skype team has pulled the trigger and replaced Skype 3.8 with the new version of the chat, video chat, and VoIP client. Improved video calling – With the changes we’ve made, video calling in Skype 4.0 for Windows is the next best thing to being there.…continue reading.

  Google just launched a new location based finding service called dodge ball oops i mean latitude. The new application lets you Share locations Location sharing starts only when both you and a friend agree. Invite friends via email or easily add them from your Gmail contacts. Control privacy You can share, set, or hide…continue reading.

You can now purchase your .Tel for all your contact info.  That information will be hosted by British registrar Telnic. Targeting owners of smart phones these domains go at the value of $300+ dollars.  Until February, the owners of trademarks could register their domains but now the Landrush is on!   Telnic will offer domain…continue reading.

Once you load Crackulous , you will be presented with a list of all the apps you have on your device. The process of cracking apps using Crackulous is a no-brainer, so really u have nothing to be affraid of. The only thing you need to do is to select the app(s) that you want…continue reading.

As reported on this site Saturday morning all of Googles search engine results were tagged with “This Site May Harm Your Computer”. I initially thought my computer was infected but it turns out I was wrong. According to Googles Marissa Mayer the problem was simple human error. It turns out that when importing the malware…continue reading.

This morning all my searches showed up like this May Harm Your Computer!   I thought i had a virus so I reached over and typed into my notebook and the same thing. I am not sure that this a hack or a massive wacky bug but it sure is funny. Or worse yet…continue reading.

How is that done? This year the hub of security will be focused around a Microsoft Surface computer. Along with partners, Microsoft has provided a way to display a Virtual Earth map of the event including any security incidents, resource allocation and tasks in real-time via the multi-touch table. With a simple gesture, authorities can…continue reading.

Well not quite an add but that was done in July, but they are making it allot easier though. Starting yesterday YouTube is making it even easier to add text comments into your video.  You used to have to use a crazy editor to add comments to your video now you can just click on…continue reading.

Have you ever thought that your downloads speeds should have been faster when downloading from a peer to peer (p2p) connection? Well chances are they should have been. There are quite a number of ISPs that actively are restricting the usage of p2p. How do you know if your ISP is restricting your usage? Well…continue reading.

Have you installed CS4 yet? When you realized that it’s going to take the better part of an 1 hour, did you walk away from your computer and think, what if this was done on floppy disk? Well a small graphic shop thought that and made posters of it.They are doing a limited edition poster…continue reading.