Talent:  ArtistForce is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, used or heard about. They are a revolutionary online service designed specifically to help professional artists of all types successfully manage and expand their careers. Industry:  ArtistForce is a comprehensive online service designed specifically to help Agents and Managers successfully manage and expand their business. In fact,…continue reading.

Mahalo is a human-powered search engine that creates organized, comprehensive, and spam free search results for the most popular search terms. Their search results only include great links.

Mota provides a new and better way to sell or buy a car. Mota’s automotive market network provides a one-click, instant access to the largest used car marketplaces. Mota’s groundbreaking technology makes transactions faster and more profitable by generating real-time market data that delivers fine-tuned pricing and optimized advertising. With additional advantages, such as there…continue reading.

Jerome is a licensed architect and business owner. Jerome honed his design skills at Clive Wilkinson Architects (CWA), known worldwide for the office headquarters of Google, Chiat/Day and Mother Advertising. Prior to CWA, Jerome was a designer at SFJones Architect, which has designed renowned restaurants such as Spago Beverly Hills, Nobu Malibu, Hamasaku, and Lucky…continue reading.

Finally, we’re back in good ol’ SoCal from Web 2.0 Expo Conference this past week in San Francisco. For those of you that weren’t able to make it due to cost, work, or scheduling conflicts, there’s no need to be bummed out. We took care of that for you. With press badges, we were able…continue reading.

BINC employs a team of Search Consultants that are proud of the service they provide – and are even more proud of the results they have delivered to our customers. Each of their Search Consultants holds an expertise in Professional Search along with a mastery of one specific portion within the Software Marketplace – BINC…continue reading.

REGARD Venture Solutions infuses expert intellectual & technological capital to innovate entrepreneurs. They focus on emerging growth-stage technology companies that either need to transform ideas into a working proof of concept, or need to evolve a software product for angel or vc investment consideration. For more info go here  

Don’t worry LA folk in San Francisco we’ll let you know all about the great event and planning that went down in LA tonight. Many thanks to Nicole Jordan (Rubicon) and Alexandra Mokh (Girl Gamer) for hosting a fantastic event. A lot of new faces came out tonight and loved what the Southern California Tech…continue reading.

For all those SoCal Tech Geeks that could not make it to Web 2.0 in San Francisco don’t fret, Nicole Jordan and Alexandra Mokh got you covered. They decided to put together a Web 2.0 LA extension tonight at 7:30 at Bar Chole in Santa Monica. So come out, have a drink, and tweet your…continue reading.

Etchstar.com is an on-demand laser customization service. We sell custom iPods and custom laptop computers at the same prices as Apple, but with better options for customization & personalization. Etchstar.com also customizes dog tags, metal business cards, Zunes, PCs, Nintendo’s, skateboards and anything else you can dream up.