The TZ Crew has been working away and getting things done to better improve your TechZulu experience. We have a couple of new announcements to make and I’m really excited to finally get you all in the know.

So you bought an iPhone 4 and all is well until you give it the death grip and try to make a phone call. Engadget gets a response from Apple stating:

“Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others

Tired of constantly switching between applications and checking into every geo-location service out there? Some people use Foursquare others use Gowalla and a few others use different services out there as well. It gets a bit difficult to let your friends know where you are when they do not all use the same service. So Check.in answered our woes with the “One check in to rule them all”.

Software development company ACME AtronOmatic has just released iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch application named Bandana. Bandana is officially dubbed “The Gaydar App”. This app is a social networking application for the Gay and Bisexual community.

Announced this morning, Los Angeles startup NeighborGoods.net is taking its sharing goodness all across the country. That right folks they are national now and will have neighbors all across America sharing, buying and selling items to each other in no time

Last Saturday, I told you about my first experience with Kinect, Microsoft’s supposedly ber console add-on. Like I said then, Dance Central on the Kinect was a blast, but there is no way this peripheral can live up to the hype it has been building, especially with the problems I have with two of its other games, Joyride and Kinect Adventures.

1980. A yellow dot with a wide mouth moves across a black screen, weaving through a colored maze of ghosts while chomping even smaller white dots. PAC-Man grew to become a cultural icon, a game that would change the face of gaming, spawning new versions for nearly every platform released during last 30 years. Now,…continue reading.

All this week TechZulu will be getting the inside scoop on all latest and greatest games coming to a console near you. We already have a jammed packed schedule filled with interviews and if connectivity permits possibly showroom floor live streaming.

For those who may not know of DEMO, it is a jammed packed twice a year 2 day conference filled with 6 minute on stage pitches, a demo pit, networking events, and not to mention one of the longest running emerging tech conferences

Remember the good ‘ole days of mom catching you saying a swear word then washing your mouth out with soap then making you put your allowance in a jar? Well maybe not the soap part but surely putting money in a jar. ┬áLately it just seems like the norm to hear swear words come flying…continue reading.