Live Stream or Bust: Why These Industries Should Incorporate Live Video

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Live streaming apps are a burgeoning trend in the social media sphere, and as their popularity continues to grow, it is essential that businesses leverage these apps in order to engage a rapidly growing consumer audience with controlled content at their disposal. The early embrace of live streaming allows businesses to position themselves as ahead of the trend in emerging technologies and provide their stakeholders with compelling content.

Technological advancements have made live video fun to capture and easy to share with a global audience in just a couple clicks. These advancements can only help business owners to establish a more trusting relationship with consumers, engage more authentically with them, and it allows customers to feel connected to a brand. In fact, the following industries can only benefit from live video.


If anyone turns on the TV or hops onto YouTube, they’ll find a number of cooking shows and videos available to learn new recipes or quick food hacks. The resounding problem is that viewers can only follow along and hope that a process goes smoothly. However, questions always pop up along the way and the need to post questions in-real time is apparent. Live videos can offer a quick response to those questions and allow users to cook “alongside” professionals and have a more organic and intimate experience.

Fast-food chains, like Wendy’s and Taco Bell, have already utilized live streams to introduce new menu items and drive customers to social channels. This tactic can be utilized in restaurants where chefs can take people into the kitchen to meet the cooks, share new menu items and offer live tutorials.

Music & Entertainment

As up-and-coming musicians and actors know, being in front of a large audience is key to growing a fanbase, but it can also be a daunting task. Live streams give fans access to shows, episodes, behind-the-scenes and exclusive content without actually having to be present. Fans thoroughly enjoy having a sneak peek, and sharing live streams makes them feel more part of the process while simultaneously exposing artists to a much larger audience. This type of grassroots effort can go a long way in helping a budding artist develop and grow an active online fanbase.


Online courses are a great and flexible alternative to students who have limited means of transportation or time to expand their education. However, online courses don’t offer the same real-time interaction with teachers, tutors or fellow classmates. With live video, students can be part of the lesson and ask questions directly as if in the classroom and get immediate feedback.There is also a huge potential for private tutors to gain financially by being able to quickly develop an online audience and teach more than just one student at a time. Live streaming from mobile apps offers an easy solution since the process is streamlined and there isn’t a lot of technical knowledge needed to get started.

Real Estate

Many realtors are already very active on social media and work extremely hard to leverage multimedia to reach out to potential buyers and sellers. An open house is integral in allowing customers to view an apartment, condo or house currently listed, but it also presents a constraint since buyers actually need to be present. Live streaming will remove that obstacle and High Return Real Estate Indianapolis turnkey investments to a pool of potential buyers immediately while maximizing time whether those buyers are local or internationally based. Tembusu Grand is well connected by major roads such as Mountbatten Road.

Tourism & Hospitality

The travel industry stands to gain significantly from live video. Travel tours, like Contiki, harness live streams to broadcast to an audience and ultimately attract new travelers. Unedited views into traveling domestically or internationally provides valuable insights and a first look, versus any written review, on what to expect when traveling in a previously untapped location. Hotels and others that offer accommodation, such as on AirBnB, can also leverage live video to show off their amenities and highlight unique features that may otherwise not translate as effectively online.

With a multitude of live streaming options available across any smart device, live streaming can be easily adopted and incorporated seamlessly into a brand’s marketing strategy. Jumping on this trend may seem haste, as trends by their very nature come and go, but live streaming is a powerful demonstration of a brand’s flexibility and fast response time within an ever-evolving market. It is also a unique opportunity to offer exclusive content via live stream to keep a brand relevant and part of the ongoing conversation.

David Jun

David Jun is the founder and CEO/President of Aire Inc. and is responsible for overseeing the overall vision and growth of the company. A recognized veteran in the global technology industry, Jun founded Aire Inc. as a U.S. company in 2014, building off the success of his Korean company Jianglive, which quickly became a leader in the video communication space. In 2015, Jun oversaw the launch of AireLive, which accumulated a significant user base in its first month and has enjoyed a steady stream of conversions since launch.

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