3 Powerful Ways to Stand Out at Work

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Everyone wants to be seen as an individual, capable of free will, high intelligence and independent thought. Nowhere is this more true than when in the workplace. As memorable as one may think he or she is due to their strong work ethic, they may actually be lost among the others in a sea of co-workers. To combat this syndrome, it is necessary to make oneself stand out at work. Not just to one’s fellow employees, but most importantly to an employer and department superiors while on the job.

Education is vital

Too many business men and women believe that their education ends as soon as they land their first job out of college. This is as true of those people who earn a bachelors degree, as it is of management personnel who have earned graduate degrees in their chosen field of study. They mistakenly believe that being able to list their college degree on their resume is proof enough for their employer.

This is far from the truth as today’s corporations truly encourage their workforce to continue their learning endeavors, both on and off a college campus. Companies applaud those employees who spend their own time taking a course either online or in a traditional classroom setting. It works to distinguish oneself as an employee with a devotion to higher learning, such as the courses on the Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification program. Additionally one must demonstrate a desire to take these new found skills to advance the corporation whenever possible.

When taking a course or going forth towards another college degree, it is always advantageous to let a supervisor know of these extracurricular activities. This can be during a casual conversation or in an email written on a related topic. When it comes time to assemble a group of employees to work on a chosen project or assignment, this knowledge will come in handy. It means that one will be seen as a leader in their field, instead of a mere follower waiting for the next set of directions.

Certificates are important

When visiting the well-appointed office of a doctor or dentist, you will be seeing a lot of certificates of their hard earned expertise. It is not unusual to see their college degrees or custom engraved plaques proudly displayed. This is not just done as a form of decoration, but to provide assurance to their patients that this individual has been well trained in the field of medicine or dentistry in which they practice. Business men and women should take a hint from their physicians in this area.

When earning a new certificate after taking a course, it is beneficial to make one’s superiors and subordinates aware of this achievement. Without being overly boastful, encouraging employees to display their certificate is a wonderful way to introduce others to these new found skills. If a manager has completed a course in negotiation training for business professionals, this makes others aware that this individual has advanced in the field. Unlike other members of management who may not be qualified to settle a dilemma, a manager with skills in negotiation training is held in high esteem.

Advance the company

One way to stand out at work is to let department superiors know that employers appreciate an employee who sees the value of their labor. To serve these goals, gaining a certificate in BPM or “business process management” is especially useful for a myriad of reasons. This type of coursework teaches students how to automate processes in their organization to improve work place efficiency. This is as true of the human component, as it is for technological endeavors.

BPM has been recognized by top ranked corporations as a tool for helping their organizations continually ascend to top profitability. An employee who has studied this subject generally demonstrates a greater ability to assist with future growth and outstanding performance. Unlike other members of the workforce, a managerial employee certified in this field of study is able to rise to the top of their strata of management and beyond

Alex Espenson

Alex Espenson is a technology writer with a passion for home automation, tech security, and wearable smart devices.

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