How to Get Your E-commerce Site Noticed In A Global Market

Oct 06, 2016 • Business, Marketing, Startups
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As the Internet continues to become populated with e-commerce sites, it’s becoming more and more difficult to generate web traffic, leads, and ultimate the sales for your website. Further, as the competition amongst web stores continues to increase, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to grab one’s parts of their desired market. Thankfully, we’ve compiled detailed guide in order to help you generate more awareness for your website in the global market.

Work On Your SEO

One of the most effective arcing strategies to get noticed in a global market is to simply incorporate an SEO strategy. You can also ask help from an SEO expert similar to Damon Burton. You might also consider to buy site traffic to get the most out of your marketing plan because it gets you noticed fast.

The idea behind the strategies quite simple; optimize one’s e-commerce website for search engines such that when a web surfer is using a search engine to buy a product that you offer, your website shows up. Generate more sales with the SEO experts at Get The Clicks.

Increase Your On-Site SEO

With regards to search engine optimization, positioning your website such that it allows the search engines to read your website effectively is vitally important. When working on one’s on-site search engine optimization, it’s best to incorporate a few things including:

  • Proper Titles & Low Keyword Density
  • Clean and clear code
  • Incorporating a Site Map
  • Decreasing Website Load Time
  • Utilizing Alt Text on All Images Found On The Site

A good seo service in canada will be able to help you incorporate these things to increase your on-site SEO. You can click here to get in touch with a professional SEO agency.

Build High Quality Links

Another important search engine optimization involves creating high-quality and relevant back links towards your website. Instead of sending a barrage of low-quality, spamming links, it’s best to slowly create high authority links that are niche relevant to your e-commerce website. Whether it be guest posting, creating a press release, generating videos, listing one sites in a high quality business directory, or creating citations, high quality link building is sure to help increase your rankings on the various popular search engines.

Utilize Popular Social Media Platforms

Social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are frequently used by millions of people each and every day. If you haven’t done so, it’s highly recommended that you create a profile on each of the popular social media sites for your e-commerce store. You can also use a social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram to get in touch with e-commerce experts like Cortney Fletcher from eCom babes. Once the accounts are created, focus on increasing each profiles following, ensuring that the website receives increased brand awareness. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for e-commerce sites to accumulate a large number of sales thanks to social media interaction and promotion.

Collect Email Lists

Another effective strategy for grabbing one slice of their desired market is to collect emails on their website. Many times, e-commerce websites offer discounts or promotions in exchange for a user signing up to their email list. When a user signs up for their email list, the e-commerce store now has the ability to repeatedly promote their business and products to a targeted audience. While utilizing this recurring promotion technique, ecommerce stores can now translate memory of their brand into a well-known and recognized one.

Offer Discounts

One of the easiest means of stepping into a new market is by offering discounts for their products or services. Specifically to e-commerce websites, offering a discount for new visitors allows for an increased chance of first time customers and brand awareness. If an e-commerce store decides to incorporate discount codes within their website, it’s highly encouraged that they take advantage of many of the popular coupon sites that are frequently visited thousands of times each and every day. Sure, the e-commerce store may not generate as much revenue as they like, but they’re effectively spreading awareness for their brand and their website.

Incorporate Advertising into your Marketing Strategy

If an e-commerce store is looking to quickly grab their share of the market and has a large budget for marketing, their highly encouraged to incorporate advertising on niche specific websites or search engines. Typically, these platforms charge their clients per 1000 views or per click onto their advertisement. When successfully set up, e-commerce stores can immediately grab visitors, leads, and sales.

When one creates an e-commerce store, it can be confusing trying to figure out how to attract attention in a global market. Thankfully, there are a number of ways one can effectively grab their piece of the pie and quickly get noticed in the e-commerce arena. It’s highly recommended for any Shopify store to hire a shopify digital marketing agency to effectively increase their brand awareness and generate more sales via their website.

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