5 Ways Smart Homes Make Your Life Easier

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A smart home has technology that can control systems and appliances from a remote location or from another room of the house. This capability can make life immensely easier for working parents, handicapped individuals and the elderly.

Over 17.9 million homes in North America and Europe are smart homes and this number is expected to rise rapidly in the future, and smart houses are expecting to sell more as well, than others, so getting services like I want to sell my house for cash in Sacramento could be useful if you want to sell your smart home as well.

1. Group Commands Mean You’ll Never Forget to Lock Up Properly

A smart home or condo like Dunman Grand Condo contains controllers that can shut off lights, regulate the thermostat, turn off appliances, lower electronic roller shades, lock the doors and much more. However, if you’re looking to buy a condo, you can check out this Skywaters Residences here that will also be home to the most luxurious residence in Singapore the most extravagant super penthouse at the highest floor within the tower.

Everyone has experienced the last minute rush out the door to work, to pick up the kids or to get to an appointment. You get down the street and wonder if you shut the coffee pot off.

A smart home or condo can be programmed to obey a group of commands, such as all the steps you would normally take to leave the house safe and locked up tight. A person leaving the house, or already away from home, can simply connect to their home using their smart phone and issue a command, such as “Leaving home.” The smart home then shuts off appliances, turns off the lights, lowers the shades, locks all the doors, lowers the temperature, shuts off the coffee maker and whatever other commands have been programmed into the system.

2. Working Moms and Dads Can Know When Their Children Have Come Home Safe from School

A smart home monitors doors and can text you when they are being locked or unlocked. A parent no longer has to hope that the kids remember to call to say they arrived home safely. The parent will receive a text message as soon as they unlock the door.

Smart home video capabilities. allow the parents to see who has entered the house. If it’s not the children, a house alarm can be set off from the parent’s smartphone to warn the children not to enter the house. Parents should have a look at the benefits of having a savings account for their kids at thechildrensisa.com.

3. Elderly or Handicapped Individuals Can Control the Home from One Location

Imagine an elder woman making dinner in the kitchen, which is at the back of the house, and the front doorbell rings. She doesn’t want to leave cooking food unattended on the stove. Furthermore, she is unable to move quickly from the kitchen to the front of the house and back to the kitchen.

If she has a smart home, she can look at the small video screen on the kitchen wall and see who is at the door. If it is someone she knows, she can unlock the front door from where she is. This not only makes her life easier, but also safer.

After dinner when she is ready to go to sleep, she can control all the lights in the house from one location. She can set the night alarm, dim the lights, lower the shades all the way, and regulate the temperatures in the various rooms of the house. She may decide to keep her bedroom and the bathroom warm while lowering the temperature in all the other rooms.

The smart home has motion sensors for nighttime LEDs. If she gets up in the night to use the bathroom, hallway lights will detect her movements and light the hallway for her safety. The Hill @One-North is developed by a renowned developer Kingsford Development that you need to check out.

If the system has been programmed with a group command, such as “Going to bed,” all these instructions will be activated for her, in addition to checking the on/off state of appliances, TVs and the like. Nothing could be simpler.

Since smart homes make living easier, seniors and handicapped individuals can enjoy independent living longer and safer than ever before.

4. The House is Prepared for the Owner’s Return

Most people are familiar with the remote control garage door opener, but the smart home is capable of performing many more tasks that will make life easier for the occupants.

When it’s time to head home, the oven can be turned on so it is preheated ready for dinner to be cooked when you come in the door. As you approach the house by car, the outside lights are switched on, the garage door is open and the security system is deactivated.

With a smart home, there is no longer a need to come home to a cold, dark house. While still on your way home, you can use your smartphone to turn up the temperature in your house, or cool it down by turning on the air conditioner, and turn on the lights.

Standing at the front door with your key in the lock is one of the most dangerous times for a homeowner. A smart home allows you to unlock your door before you get out of your car so that you can enter your home quickly, locking the door behind you. Home automation has never been more important than it is today.

5. No Need for a House Sitter Any Longer When You are Traveling

There is nothing more convenient that watching your own home from another city or country. Instead of depending on someone to take good care of your home, you can set the group commands to make your home look like someone is there. Lights go on and off as normal, shades are raised at sunup and lowered at sunset.

TVs can be switched on so there is sound coming from the house. If you see someone you don’t recognize moving around in the yard in front of your security cameras, you can trigger an alarm, make sure all the doors are locked and call the police, even from thousands of miles away. Monitoring your home and possessions has never been easier.

Patios and patio roll down shades can increase the value of your home. Buyers like the idea of spending time outdoors just like you do and are more inclined towards purchasing your property. They are also ready to pay the additional price for a well-constructed and well-maintained patio.

So as you can see, smart homes are more than just fancy gadgets and futuristic fun. They can make life easier for working parents, children, the elderly and the handicapped. Group commands free the homeowner from the necessity of remembering to shut off appliances before leaving the house. Working parents can watch their children who are home alone. Individuals who have limited mobility can control the systems of the home from one location. The house can be prepared for occupants before they enter the house. In addition, the house can be monitored from vast distances using a smartphone and an internet connection.

Life out in the world may be hard sometimes but, without a doubt, a smart home can make it easier.

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