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The TZ Startup Hot Seat continues with Alex Backer from Qless. Can he handle our questions, or will the Hot Seat get the best of him?

Spotlight: LA Tech was a huge success as Efren posted last week. For those that missed it, there is a full rebroadcast on Each startup did a great job pitching their dreams an vision, but we want to dig a little deeper.

This segment we will call the TZ Startup Hot Seat and first to get grilled is Cliff Elion with You Rock Guitar.

At Twiistup 8 Bart Becks (prior CEO os Belgacom Skynet) took the stage to present SonicAngel, a startup that is challenging the current music industry business model.

Matt Cooper (CEO of Neoganda) took the stage at Twiistup 8 in the most unforgettable presentation of the day. The presentation brought down the house and ended in a standing ovation because of Coop’s hilarity and entertaining way of presenting Addroid his new startup.

At Twiistup 8 Matthew Smith (CEO) and the Nevolution team debuted what they dubbed the “future of software distribution”.

At Twiistup 8 last week ten startups gave their pitches to a panel including a VC, Angel Investor, Advisor and industry expert. No startup recieved harsher criticism than Badgeville.

John Delacruz and his startup presented a Twiistup 8 and was almost as impressive as the mini cupcakes at their booth. The startup fills a need in the market by connecting restaurants to patrons in real time.

It is contest time! The folks at ZooGue gave us one of their Case Genius V2’s to giveaway. Why do you want one of these cases? Only because it is the most functional iPad case on the market.

The average video on a website has a half-life of six days. This means that 50% of the videos lifetime views will happen in that time frame. After twenty one days over 75% of views will occur. As content creators, these statistics are daunting. The content of a video can in many instances provide amazing sound bytes and SEO friendly lines that unfortunately never get tracked.

The question, why can’t you replicate this for e-commerce sites? This is the fundamental problem is trying to solve. Create conversations about products you love and get rewarded. This will increase traffic and revenue for the underlying e-commerce site.