Grocery Coupon Network’s CMO Jeffrey Hudson | Interview

Mar 21, 2012 • Marketing
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Recently we talked with Grocery Coupon Network about the future of couponing and the push towards mobile solutions. Now we bring in the Chief Marketing Officer, Jeffrey Hudson to talk about the new application Grocery Coupon Network engineered to allow the entire coupon printing process to happen from inside Facebook. Enhancing the user experience to be faster and easier so that a user never has to leave their Facebook page. An advantage over most publishers that only link to external coupons from within their Facebook application.

What Grocery Coupon Network partners have a similar offering?,, – these are the top tier coupon distributors. Everyone else is republishing their syndicated content.

Who are Grocery Coupon Network’s competitors and what are they doing in this space?

Our competitors are sites that syndicate coupons from the top tier distributors – bloggers like,, and many of the mom bloggers like They are aggregating coupons from a number of sources and focusing on simple redistribution through blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. They’re less focused on innovating technically, and more focused on coupon instruction and curation, and this is where I would draw the distinctions between us and them. We are providing great content as well, but are more positioned to innovate via social media through technology.

What are the unique components/features of this Facebook application?

While most publishers can only link to external coupons from their Facebook apps, Grocery Coupon Network has engineered the app to actually allow the entire printing process to happen from inside Facebook. The user never leaves their Facebook page, and the subsequent user experience is faster, easier, and less intrusive. The only other brands doing this are,,, and they are the distributors.

What is next in the pipeline for Grocery Coupon Network? Social integration?

We will be focusing on mobile app development, integrating Pinterest, and leveraging video engagement, as our video channel is growing rapidly. The mobile app will allow users to send coupons to their printer via a phone or tablet.

Why is the couponing community ready for this Facebook application?

One in every 7 minutes online is spent on Facebook, so it’s only natural that we bring our tools to this platform. Our members never have to leave Facebook, and it will actually save them time. Not only that, they will learn what coupons are most popular with their friends and peers.

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