Charlie has catered over 500 weddings, hundreds of special events as well as countless parties and other functions. The key to his success is greatly due to his personal style and business approach of catering to the different needs of his many clients. Whether he’s working with a famous celebrity or his next door…continue reading.

Elevation Photos is a boutique entertainment photo agency based in Santa Monica, CA. Our mission is to provide assignment photographers for either your next event (function, party, premiere, gift lounge) as well as provide photographers for an editorial feature or story you are working on for your publication or website. Elevation Photos can also provide…continue reading.

Kaloopy Media is a widget company specializing in creating applications on Facebook and myspace. The first release from Kaloopy Media is the celebrity photo/gossip news application on Facebook called Kaloopy Says

We are here to inform. Our access to politics has really changed. We’re forced to adapt to the times. And the present times are interactive. Innovative. We are making use of what is not only an innovation revolution, but an engagement revolution. It’s why we built a platform that offers a new approach to connecting…continue reading.


Success. Prosperity. Fame. All are a part of your identity, your Ego. Ego TV is a new multi-platform TV network that’s all about prosperity and how to achieve it. Your Ego is your confidence booster that guides you to success. Listen to your Ego. Everyone has an ego. Ego TV is Gen Y’s destination for…continue reading.

Shopit is a marriage of e-commerce and social networking. This website is the only e-commerce exchange that allows users to build personalized widgets, quickly upload items and list them for sale or trade. These widgets can be displayed millions of places on the Web, including social networks, blogs and e-mails. Best of all, doing business…continue reading.

Peopleizer is a low cost provider of communication software for online communities. Our APIs are built for social networking and online dating site, allowing them to dramatically increase online user interaction and attract new members with exciting new communications options. Peopleizer takes pride in providing a high level of customization no matter if you are…continue reading.