Last week ZexSports put on an amazing ROI based online brand engagement 101 for all those seeking the knowledge.  With moderator David Lehre (creator of the Myspace Movie) and bigMETHOD’s John Furnari and Greg Cargill as the panelist it was a night where no question went unanswered.  How can one measure ROI in social Media? …continue reading.

This week Bytes By MSDN and TechZulu brings you Kate Gregory.  She is the Microsoft Regional Director for Toronto, a Visual C++ MVP, the author of over a dozen programming books, and a technical speaker. In 1986, she founded Gregory Consulting with her partner, Brian. Based in rural Ontario, Gregory Consulting provides consulting and development…continue reading.

CellFrog, local SoCal start-up from San Diego, announced today the addition of Conference Recording Plus.  This new feature allows users to easily record, publish, download and share recordings. All of your recorded calls are backed-up on the site and always available online for quick sharing and managing recording access. Using CellFrog’s newest feature I was…continue reading.

Twiistup has just announced their first 4 shows from the round 1 submissions: Keep track of what you wanna do, share stories about your life experiences (your “diddits”), and meet people like you.   With Bantam, business teams can create secure social workspaces to share information, track activity, and manage contact and company relationships inside…continue reading.

We attended the Microsoft demo night at their Irvine Offices and what is coming out in terms of touch capabilities for Windows 7 is way better then I expected.  They were using a HP TouchSmart TX2 to demo Windows 7.  In Windows Vista, multi-touch is minimally supported.  There are no useful gestures like pinch and…continue reading.

This Wednesday 6/24/2009 TechZulu will be streaming ‘Live’ from the ZEXsports private theater.  What will be covered is how to effectively monetize social media for your brand.  Discover how to both engage with and monitor your brand across all social platforms. HOW (we do it): -Monitor and Track social media campaigns with comprehensive dashboard of…continue reading.

So the Palm Pre is out and the iPhone 3G S is being delivered to you if you don’t already have it.  These two are going to be hot items this summer.  The traction that Palm has received for the Pre is mainly due to the fact that it’s features weren’t designed to compete against…continue reading.

This weeks Byte from MSDN and TechZulu is with Billy Hollis.  He brings some great resources on WPF and Silverlight and his list of favorite technical resources, which blogs he reads, and why he’s hesitant to tell you about them!   About BillyBilly Hollis authored many of the earliest books on .NET, and has been…continue reading.

You see you favorite actor at a coffee shop, whip out your iPhone to snap a photo and tweet about it. But, then come to find in all your haste you were holding your iPhone wrong and your favorite actor has left the building.  Well, you can either send out that photo and have everyone…continue reading.

Earlier today our buddies over at Mashable broke the news that Tweetdeck was coming to the iPhone at 9pm PST.  Well, after all the post their have been they decided to push it out a bit earlier.  You can grab your Free tweetdeck app here from the Itunes store.  On top of that, they are…continue reading.