My Phone, the Windows Mobile cloud backup service has now entered open beta. This means anyone can now try out the service without getting one of the rare invites that were needed previously. My Phone performs a daily backup of your phone’s address book, SMS messages, appointments, tasks, photos, videos, music and even documents with…continue reading.

With fresh blood injected into Twiistup, expect to see some amazing overhaul. For starters, because the event has gotten so large they had to move it from a 15,000 square foot hanger in Santa Monica to a 23,000 Square foot space at the Universal Hilton. On top of that it’s expanding from a one day…continue reading.

  WomenBuild SeriousPlay with Legos was an amazing success at Tech-Ed 2009 last week. TechZulu gets a chance to speak with the organizers and creators of the event and hear why they decided to start it in the first place.   This event is not just for women, it’s a diversity event with the goal…continue reading., a local Internet company that specializes in helping people find jobs with free online resume posting, is holding its first “Get Hired 2.0” — a free event that will provide insight into the current job market for local jobseekers. A panel of top hiring managers and HR professionals from successful companies will be advising…continue reading.

Watch live video from Wolfram|Alpha on If you haven’t heard of WolframAlpha, you should!  It is a computational knowledge engine, spitting out some of the most complex searches in the world.  Say you wanted to know the (integrate x sin dx) it would give you the answer and the result would look like this.…continue reading.

Oh the good ole days of going on to someones profile and clicking chat to speak with them, then having to download a client to chat with them, are soon to be over.  MySpace updates their chat system to a Facebook esque look and feel. Still a little on the buggy side (Most of my…continue reading.

  Many of you may know StumbleUpon as the website that randomly drops you into sites of your personal interest.  Well did you know that some of those sites could be planted Advertisements?  Well according to StumbleUpon they are highly targeted ads that are relevant to your stumbles.  On the Publisher side, However, it can…continue reading.

Your favorite “Happy Time NO Business Cards” man Francisco Dao is taking the bull by the horns and taking charge.  Twiistup has just been snatched up by an undisclosed private investor. Cash Infusion to Fuel Expansion Los Angeles, CA – May 5, 2009 – Twiistup, Southern California’s premier event, showcasing innovation from the worlds of…continue reading.

During Ad:Tech San Francisco we met up with Lisa Leung of Modiface. Modiface has launched a new consumer-personalized Online Ad Platform that they claim to have a 75% higher interaction rate.  The way it works is consumers upload a personal photo directly into ads for a life-like beauty simulation.   Modiface grew out of face…continue reading.

The new MSN City Guides features a new design, integrated Live Search and Live Search Maps, video, content-sharing and more. It offers a range of features to help people explore, make plans and share information with their friends. Specifically, new integration with popular social networking services such as Windows Live and Facebook makes planning…continue reading.