There has been tons of buzz and anticipation for the Touch Pro 2 from HTC since it was announced.  Not only do you get a full QWERTY keyboard but you also get the joys of a touch screen.  If you are a Blackberry/iPhone user and wanting to switch over to a Windows Mobile phone this…continue reading.

Day one at BlogWorld Expo was awesome filled with amazing interviews from how to best promote and represent your online self to how to survive a tech conference (via @chiropractic).  We have a killer line up for you today and if you have anyone in particular you would want us to interview leave them in…continue reading.

A local Southern California company based in San Diego, Kempler & Strauss produced one of the coolest gadgets to come out of CTIA, the W PhoneWatch.  Currently the availability on the W phone is set to be a late Christmas present.  This would be an awesome stocking stuffer so I hope they decide to push…continue reading.

During CTIA FLO TV was one of those products getting a lot of attention.  I must admit I was pretty excited to see it and get my hands on it until I did.  FLO TV will be available through Verizon and AT&T at a $250 (way over priced for what your getting) price tag and…continue reading., a crowd-sourced marketplace for royalty-free musicand sound effectslicensing, announces that its users can now download more than 13,000 new production music tracks from its online library. Consumers and professionals alike now have direct and immediate access to professional quality production music supplied by one of the largest production music libraries in Hollywood. The new…continue reading.

Nokia has always been a leader in innovation and style, and they had tons of new goodies for us at PEPCOM MobileFocus during CTIA last week.  We first took a look at the Nokia Booklet 3G.  It comes with an Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor, a 12 hour running battery life (The one we were looking…continue reading.

Did you know that, on average, food travels a whopping 1500 miles from the farm to your plate? Grocers and restaurants currently buy less than two percent of their produce and meat from local farmers, but DEMO startup Local Dirt is looking to boost local consumption. Local Dirt has essentially created an online marketplace making…continue reading.

Piryx launched a new product at DEMOfall 2009 a few weeks ago billed as “payments for the social web”.  Piryx is a Social Commerce company. With the combination of payment processing and marketing tools, to give businesses and non-profits the capability to identify and connect with their customers, and donors. Their new product key features…continue reading.

Choose what you want to watch when you want to watch (As long as it’s on one of the major networks).  Share with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and MySpace and watch the shows together.  If this sounds a lot like Hulu its because they are very similar.  The only real difference between the two…continue reading.

Videoconferencing has been around for a while now and HP wants in on the action.  So they are introducing HP SkyRoom.  Videoconferencing software that it claims is not only high-definition and offers live-real-time collaboration, it is also affordable and has no subscription fees.  Starting this month it is even more affordable if you are deciding…continue reading.