Over the years the job industry has changed drastically thanks to improvements in technology. For instance, if you just take a look 100 years ago you’ll see that there used to be a large focus on agriculture, but now in the United States you will find that the service industry is mainly running…continue reading.

  The U.S. was a country made and designed for cars. The farther cities spread out from each other, the bigger and stronger cars were designed. Today, the entire country would shut down if it wasn’t for the trucking industry bringing goods to people’s neighborhoods. However, the world as we know it is quietly and…continue reading.

With the rapid progression of self-driving automobile technology from manufacturers such as Tesla and Google, the automobile insurance industry is preparing itself for wide-ranging changes that will disrupt almost every aspect of its business model. Traditional insurance policies will become obsolete if the autonomous cars are as safe as their manufacturers claim they will be:…continue reading.

We’ve all at some point in our lives have helped support a cause. Whether it was for our own personal morale, a last minute tax write off, or to support a loved one. It’s human nature to help others in some way, some how. Thanks to the growth of the internet we’re able to show that support even greater.

Google, they’ve cracked a nut here. With Wave being an experiment, and Buzz being a dead duck from the get go, Google Plus (Google+) is actually a usable, integrated, complete-feeling product released this week, and it’s pretty damn good. I have my suspicions on whether or not it will stick; but I’m leaning more toward “yes” than “no”, unlike Buzz and Wave.

I heard about the LG LSB316 Speaker Sound Bar at CES this year and jumped at the chance to review it when we received a demo unit.

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The basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are really quite simple. If you build a site that is both readable and understandable to the search engines, you’re halfway there.

Bryan Elliot is at is again and bringing one of the marketing and new media industry leaders Seth Godin back to Orange County. Last year Bryan hosted an amazing event with Seth Godin where he gave a lecture about “How to be Indispensable” based on his book, “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable.” This time around Seth Godin will be giving a talk based around the best-of from his best selling books.

Holy smokes it finally happened! The iPhone on Verizon. Oh wait, am I supposed to be excited?