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Last night, I was knocking a couple back with a friend at The Waterfront (San Diego’s oldest continually operating pub). This buddy of mine, Jordan, is a long time iPhone user. He hopped on iPhone, iPhone 3Gs, and the iPhone 4s. He was waiting to upgrade to the new iPhone this year, since the iPhone 5 was overlapping his contract, and so forth… the usual.

Google Drive is a cloud-service for files that offers 5GB of space to use however you wish right out of the gate for free. The first question that came to mind, personally, was “How do I get more if I need to?” The simplest answer isn’t “spam your friends on Facebook and Twitter to get’m to use your referral code”, it’s “show me the money”. Apparently, Google just piggybacked the Google Drive storage space expansion off the already existing Picasa Web Albums service.

For the past week, I’ve been graced by the mobile-Gods with the new Nokia flagship cellphone, the Lumia 900. My immediate impression was, “what the heck is it with this awful blue color?” I also wasn’t expecting much, if anything, from the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) platform in terms of available apps in their marketplace.

Klout, PeerIndex, Kred, and even Empire Avenue need to go away. These metrics-application rely on our need to know our “value” and will only continue to perpetuate the dilution of online engagement. This is an open call to the people that use these services, or are simply indexed by them, to opt-out and delete your presence on Klout, Kred, PeerIndex and Empire Avenue.

It’s no mystery that smartphone competition is higher than ever, especially with the holiday season creeping up on consumers all over the nation. Samsung has brought the fight for consumer attention right to Apple’s doorstep, using the long-lines and “unrecognizable upgrades” as targets for their brass-knuckles boxing approach to marketing.

I was reading an article by Robert Scoble earlier today about how amazing Spotify and some other news app are on Facebook, and how awesome frictionless sharing is for the Internet. I openly can’t stand OpenGraph. It’s the one feature that stuck with me the most from the F8 conference this past September.

Only a few weeks ago, Google executives announced that Google+ Pages for brands and companies were on the way. Anticipation of Google opening up the doors to businesses on Google+ has been a long awaited feature-add to their fast growing, and widely used platform. Well, by the end of today – according to Louis Grey – that wait will finally be over.

Google, they’ve cracked a nut here. With Wave being an experiment, and Buzz being a dead duck from the get go, Google Plus (Google+) is actually a usable, integrated, complete-feeling product released this week, and it’s pretty damn good. I have my suspicions on whether or not it will stick; but I’m leaning more toward “yes” than “no”, unlike Buzz and Wave.