ParkMe For Android Launches Real-time Data For On-street Parking Complete With On-street Spaces & Metered Parking

Aug 13, 2013 • Android, Apps & Software
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parkme AndroidDrivers using ParkMe for Android will now enjoy real-time data for on-street parking complete with on-street spaces and metered parking in a move that will make it easier to find a parking spot in over 30,000 spaces in cities across the country.

Starting from San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Manchester and Walnut Creek , drivers will enjoy real-time parking data and see where all the on-street parking is in their city and get up-to-the-minute data on metered spaces. This will help them tell if a space is occupied or not.

ParkMe co-Founders Sam Friedman and Alex Israel told TechZulu, “The goal of the update is to make parking easier for everyone – and that includes Android users. Expanding ParkMe’s real-time data for on-street parking fits in perfectly with that goal. The more information users have, the easier it is for them to find parking and not waste their time searching for spots. It’s also good for the environment; less time hunting for parks means fewer emissions.”

Launched in May, ParkMe for Android wants to ensure Android users have the same great access to stress-free parking as iOS users do. The firm says its updating and expanding its parking database of more than 28,000 global locations, 1,800 cities, 32 countries and seven continents to all major cities day by day.

ParkMe gets a share of parking operator ‘licensees’ parking charges and also licenses its technology for car navigation systems.

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