3 Reasons Your Startup Needs Gigabit Internet

Sep 09, 2016 • Startups
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A standard high-speed internet connection in the United States is around 10 Mbps, though if you’re lucky, you may have access to an internet provider that offers broadband services of up to 100 Mbps. While speeds even faster than this have existed for a while, up until recently they were strictly used by government offices and big businesses.

In the past few years, however, internet providers in over fifty cities—including Seattle, Austin, Salt Lake City, Chapel Hill, and Cincinnati—have begun installing fiber-optic cables to offer consumers gigabit connections. This means that speeds up to 1 Gbps, or 1,000 Mbps, are now available to residents, large businesses, and startups around the country.

If you have established a startup in one of these cities, consider the following benefits gigabit internet can offer your business.

  1. Enough Speed for Every Device, All the Time

A fast internet connection for every employee is a necessity for any startup. While a standard internet connection can handle a single user, multiple users can quickly add up and overload its bandwidth. This is especially true in the startup world, where each employee has several devices—like laptops, smartphones, and tablets—taking up bandwidth and slowing down others.

With gigabit internet, which can provide 100 times the bandwidth of a standard connection, everyone on a startup team of any size can email, download files, or edit videos on the internet simultaneously without any slowdown.

  1. Faster File Downloads and Uploads

It’s likely your startup sends and receives a lot of important information, which means you need the fastest connection possible. And if your company uses professional cameras and high-definition equipment to craft successful videos, those videos can take hours to upload, download, or send.

Instead of missing deadlines or frustrating clients because a file took too long to send, use a gigabit connection. With such fast internet, you can download a feature-length, high-definition video in only seven seconds, and you could download 100 photos in just three seconds.

  1. Videoconferences without Buffering

Videoconferencing is a useful and important tool for startups with remote employees, clients, and investors. However, it can often be a fru

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