What to Expect from Trending Web Design in 2016

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The dynamism of web design ascertains that trends should keep varying to the better with changing times. The changes are usually due to improvements in previous designs to suit current tastes and preferences. Creativity thrives on a blend of several ideas to propose solutions and convey emotions, creative fields like fashion and graphic designs always find its way to web design and vice versa.


The introduction of live photos on latest mobile phones has lead to cinemagraphs coming into the forefront of designers minds. Cinemagraphs has visual effects which bonds well with the social media, content producers and advertisers have started to recognise its power and should start to actively harness it. The technology behind the effect has since increased to HTML 5 canvas thus increase in commercial tools for that exact purpose. Many websites will now spot images that have motion but still have benefits of a static image.

Domination of material design

UI presentation and development have made Google’s material design its main basis over the past couple of months. This is due to the shift of popular principle browsing device from laptops to smartphones. With a raft of extensions and widespread adoption, the material design is coming of age. Like bootstrap in the past, many user interface design will have signs of material appearing everywhere. Find out more about this subject by checking with experts from TOLS Mutimedia on Robinson St in Orlando.

Flat design 2.0 and minimalism

Minimalism includes: focus on what is important, wise use of generous white space and elimination of clutter. Flat design 2.0 bonds well with minimalism since both create an engaging experience. Flat design has started experimenting with subtle gradients and minimal textures.

CSS3 impacting on layouts

Browser support for CSS3 has been growing gradually, and it is now fully compatible. The new CSS3 fancy modules can now be used in the wild versions. More creativity will now be visible in layouts due to flexbox easier solution to the layout paradigm. The code underpinning layouts will now become reliable and simpler.

Typography and bolder colors

Typography is used to convey messages and reinforce values while color is used for branding and marketing. Due to technical limitations, fonts and typographical layouts have always been limited, this is however bound to change. Online fonts are becoming increasingly available to everyone while people tend to appreciate a good typography. It is evident that 2016, creative topography will be a norm all over the web.

Quirky illustrations

Hand drawn illustrations are efficient to adding personality to your website. The illustrations cannot be easily copied by your competitors while adding its user-friendly nature. People who access the website are assured of its creativity hence not getting bored easily. The freelance artist will be the major beneficiary of this trend based on the attractiveness of their work.

Interactive experiences

It is in human nature to love to hear and tell sweet stories. Modern javascript API like greensock, HTML5 canvas, animations, CSS3 transitions and power of hardware acceleration assures that storytelling will be extremely immersive. With mobile phones, people have become accustomed to long scrolling thus capable of reading long stories. This will also have an impact to any translating website since they deal with a large chunk of information similar to a story form.

Inputs and forms going full screen

This trend emanates from responsive web design in manchester services and has several advantages; it prevents another screen from being loaded, gives a wider screen space for easier touching for those using touch screens and also encourages users to fill the forms. This trend is slightly borrowed from mobile phones due to its success.

From above, awesome and creative innovations are sporadically coming up daily, and the end user is the eventual beneficiary of them all. The best is yet to come as we continue to turn our calendar; our only hope is that designers will continue combining tried and tested features with creative and experimental ways to satisfy our insatiable desire for perfection.

Alex Espenson

Alex Espenson is a technology writer with a passion for home automation, tech security, and wearable smart devices.

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