Suneel had a fantastic talk on focusing on your business and really digging into your company/product so that what you end up with is amazing.

We here at TechZulu have been diligently working away on the next Spotlight: LA Tech event at USC March 3rd.  Through the search of what company would be a great presentation of what the Los Angeles tech community is capable of, this company not only fits the description but knocks it out of the park!

During Twiistup 8 a panel moderated by Jason Nazar (DocStoc) and joined by panelist David Travers (Rustic Canyon), Brian Norgard (Namesake), Fouad ElNaggar (Redpoint) and Demian Sellfors (Media Temple), spoke about if the next big tech company could be built in Los Angeles?

David Cohen is the founder and CEO of TechStars, a mentorship-driven seed stage investment program for Internet startups. David opened up Twiistup 8 with a great talk on building an entrepreneurial community, and how you could start your own in whatever city you may be located.

In the final installment of the never before seen HQ.0 episodes we present local Southern California company Created in 2005, Stickam is the pioneer of the live interactive video streaming space.

Los Angeles based and long time TechZulu Partner AudioMicro has taken on investment from Fotolia, the leading micro stock photo library in Europe and the #2 / #3 player in the world. Fotolia, which is backed by private equity firm TA Associates, also owns, a site that turns photos into videos, and, a subscription photo service

Gracenote has been known for their music recognition technology for some time now. However, for those of you who may not know or know your using Gracenote. They are a content delivery platform offering music recognition technology that enables relevant information and services to enhance the music listening experience.

Congratulations to our good friend, best-selling author and social media thought leader Brian Solis! He will be heading up as Editorial Director and Host for 2011 and future Pivot Conference’s. Solis will take over the reins from Chris Shipley, who will be focusing on her position as chairman and CEO of Guidewire Group.

Happy New Year everyone!  And what better way to ring in the new year then to give companies the chance to highlight their hard work and amazing product through TechZulu’s Spotlight: LA Tech event., Tony Conrad’s stealth startup went live to the masses four days ago and just like that has been acquired by AOL.