Mike Macadaan of Twiistup rolls out the VIP treatment for Community Next members by treating them to the Air Conditioned Supper Club before a full day of panel discussions on March 29th. Mike showed Noah Kagan and Karen Hartline, organizers of Community Next, that when it comes to partying in style, L.A. knows how to…continue reading.

The week of March 24th was a crazy one for the TechZulu team. Thursday we were at the Dealmaker LA at Clearstone Ventures, Friday we had a double header with Microsoft’s Code Trip goes to Redbull then heading over to CommunityNext with a Twiist, Saturday CommunityNext conference kicked off the morning and to top of…continue reading.

The tech calendar for L.A. seems to be a pretty exciting and busy for the last week of March, and it was only fitting that we started it off with a few drinks and some friends. On Tuesday night, we began our week at the Digital L.A. Happy Hour Drinks event at the Wilshire Restaurant…continue reading.

Thirsty or Hungry? No worries. The folks from Integral Impressions and Digital Telepathy got you covered in San Diego. Our next search, discover and cover event was held last night in downtown San Diego at the Modus Supper Club. About 50 to 75 people showed up to SoCal’s new night life: Tech Hipsters. (I just…continue reading.

Who says the L.A. tech scene is nonexistent? Well, Eric Eldon of VentureBeat doesn’t seem to think so. While on his way up to L.A., he decided to put together an impromptu Happy Hour at The Belmont in West Hollywood. About 40 people showed up. Many of the people that showed up ranged from individuals…continue reading.

This had to be one of the best Lunch 2.0 yet. The Oversee office was absolutely amazing and the food was definitely a step above pizza. Now i have nothing against pizza but it was a great change. I also saw a few of the higher ups starting to attend these events (Fox Broadcasting Company…continue reading.

What better way to spend your Wednesday night than the Air-Conditioned Supper Club in Venice Beach California with some of the biggest startups in the West Coast. Twiistup has become a growing sensation with every event put together. This year at Twiistup 3 not only attracted bloggers but networks as well. CBS and KCAL had…continue reading.

All the individual interviews we did at the Rubicon Mixer are now up. You can find these and other interviews from the past in our Interview section

Quote of the night, “People worth knowing don’t have business cards…” The L.A. Tech community was alive and kicking at Rubicon’s “Thursdays In The Mix” event. The guest list ranged from start-ups to investors with a little Rum to get things rolling. It is great to see the investors of the area come out and…continue reading.

If you’re into tech and didn’t attend Tuesday night’s L.A. Web Application Meetup held at Fox Interactive’s Building in Beverly Hills, then you’ve missed out. Last night’s event was the largest turnout for organizer Will Jessup’s January meetup. According to Will, over 90 people attended the event. The event showcased L.A.’s top talents in…continue reading.