Apple TV Junkie was created to fill a void left by Apple Inc. when Apple TV 2.0 was released. The lack of a complete Hi-Def movie list for Apple TV users inspired Eddie & Sergio to create Apple TV Junkie. Their goal is to provide Apple TV users with the most comprehensive list of HD…continue reading.

Interactive Meet And Greet Entertainment LLC owns the Patent-Pending “Video Queue”TM Technology and Business Operating System that allows consumers to wait in the comfort of their own home, in front of their TV or Computer, within our “MAGA-Q”TM Virtual Community to have a face-to-face encounter with a celebrity. And after choosing, purchasing and seeing their…continue reading.

EQAL, the social entertainment company dedicated to redefining the way we interact with content and with each other. Merging technology with creative development and production expertise.  Formerly known as LG15 Studios/Telegraph Ave. Productions, they currently produce the two successful online interactive dramas: lonelygirl15 and KateModern.  Through partnerships with independent producers, traditional media companies, and multinational…continue reading.

This is a guest post from Andrew Warner, Founder of Mixergy To help startups navigate through the funding process, Mixergy recently invited two speakers to talk about how to get investment for a new business. William Quigley, Managing Director at Clearstone Venture Partners, spoke from the point of view of an investor. Rahul Sonnad gave the…continue reading.

Unlike online dating services, OneKeyAway participants get to meet face-to-face, and unlike the various speed dating services out there, there is no obligation to speak to a certain person, and there are no time limits on conversation. Normally held in a relaxed bar or lounge environment, OneKeyAway mixers allow guests to interact freely and offer…continue reading.

Zivity empowers women to feel their most beautiful and comfortable. With helpful guides on makeup, hair, and photo shoots, Zivity is the place to unleash your inner model. They offer cool social tools to track your fans, tally your votes, share your photos with friends, and even collect royalties.   Interviewee: Cyan Banister

Michael Berkley, the CEO of SplashCast speaks to us at the LISA 08 conference.  SplashCast is a media syndication platform that allows people to embed one player into their webpage and be able to publish multiple videos to that one player.  They provide plenty of social features that helps your create a brand around your…continue reading.

As social media properties and consultants work to figure how to make money on the web, a company called Splashcast Media has developed a way where social properties can make money through brand marketing using an advanced widget video player. What’s so advanced about it? The simplest way to describe it is that it’s a…continue reading.

Cliff is a detail-oriented professional that also maintains a sharp perspective on the big picture.  He recently sold his company PCNAlert back in August of 2007.  He is looking to get into another start-up that deals with software as a service.   interviewee: Cliff Frescura

MyCypher is a social media platform that connects members of the Global Hip-Hop Community to new artists, new content, and new voices.  A really great feature they have is the ability to use your cell phone and send your ‘flows’ to the site and have it rated by the community.  They are currently in apha,…continue reading.