‘Tis the season for the run-of-the-mill holiday card bonanza. Unless you’re friends with the First Round Capital folks

Our special and final guest of the year for TZLive was Kamran Pourzanjani CEO of Bestcovery and former CEO and Co-Founder of Pricegrabber.

Last Thursday night, December 2nd, was not your average Thursday night in LA. Not just because it was yet another sold-out Startup Nights but because it was the 6th LA Startup Nights, and was attended by some of LA’s best in the tech space, as well as, marked a turning point for Startup Nights.

After launching in 2009, Mobile Roadie has become the premier platform for anyone to create and manage their own mobile application.

Groupon ushered in the new era of group buying, and now hyper local and vertical deal sites are the name of the game. One such company, Santa Monica, Calif-based FamilyFinds, launched this week with $5.75 in funding from Split Rock Partners.

Somrat goes over the beginnings of Miso and how they are striving to be the ultimate TV companion. Somrat and Amanda discuss how the check-in craze is just a feature and how Miso is working on delivering true value to the consumer.

TechZulu is heading out to CES and we have tons of products/gadgets/games/companies to review and interview. We want to hear from you as well and get what you are really interested in. So make sure you follow us on Twitter (@TechZulu) for all your CES goodness.

This week TechZulu Live is back from the holiday break with an amazing interview lined up for this thursday. Our special guest this week is Somrat Niyogi CEO & Co-Founder of Miso. Miso is a “Foursquare for TV+Movies” app, rewarding users with badges when they check-in to TV shows via the iPhone, iPad, Android, and web.

Namesake aims to create a better way to match and route opportunities that come across your desk every day. Create a network on the platform by importing your Twitter and Facebook contacts. isa new-model flat-fee distribution service that places independent films on digital sales platforms such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Cable VOD while allowing filmmakers to keep 100% of their revenue