Cheers App Launches | Adding Cheers to your Day [Exclusive Video With Farhad Mohit]

Feb 10, 2012 • Apps, iOS, Mobile, Video
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We all have things to cheer for in life. Most times we celebrate to milestone events or showing our affection for people in our lives. But there’s so many things in life that make us happy. The BeachChocolate chip cookies stuffed with Oreos (yes these really do exist). Or maybe you local hangout that you’re grateful just exists. The Cheers App allows for us to cheers to the world around.

As the Los Angeles tech scene continues to grow, we “cheers” to another major launch. This week Farhad Mohit, Founder of and Shopzilla, launches Cheers, the first iPhone app built solely to help people express love and appreciation – for anyone, anything, anywhere!

‘Cheers lowers the barrier to expressing love and appreciation, making it fun and easy to do something we all feel, but have never had a dedicated place to openly share before,’ says Mohit.

Mohit, who sold Shopzilla in 2005 for $569m, brought together an all-star team from Google and StumbleUpon, as Cheerful, inc., in order to create socially powerful apps like Cheers. With over 500,000 iPhone apps, until now none of them have focused on celebrating love and appreciation in all its facets – people as well as places and things.

As a private beta user, the ‘like button’ feeling came visually and mentally true to form. It felt great to be able to visually share the things you love in life and seeing others support your love by “cheering”.

Cheers aims to be the ‘like button’ for the world around you, but more meaningful, because you create, control and give voice to each cheer.

Each time a cheers is posted others are able to cheers to it as well, creating this social effect giving everyone involved the expression celebration. Since I’ve signed up for Cheers, it’s been one of the most used apps on my phone. Heck it’s just fun to say and brings a gleaming smile to the face.

The interface is very intuitive and includes the features of being able to see not only the popular “cheers” but also breaks them down into three categories – people, places, and things. Included in the app is a “cheerfluence” listing of those how are creating and spreading the most positive energy and cheer between you & your friends. It’s super fun and addictive. Cheers is available now for all to download and enjoy.

Try it. Cheers.

Kyle Ellicott

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