Forget Facebook? Pushup Social Adds a Social Network to Your Website

Feb 24, 2014 • Advertising, Funding, Startups
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Startup secures $300,000 seed round

Pushup Social Screen

Pushup Social, a startup that lets you add a social network to an existing website, has raised $300,000 to build out its technology and launch this Spring.

“Our early investors saw the potential right away,” said Pushup Social CEO Dan Lohman. “As we get closer to completing the beta and move toward a global launch, we will be raising a significant amount of additional funds and I’m confident future investors will see that same potential.”

Accelerate development

Lohman said the seed round will accelerate development and prepare its unique technology for launch. Pushup Social helps firms connect the people who are passionate about their brands. Fans can share content directly on a company’s site, start or join conversations and share posts to other social networks. The community can be set to public or private, and integrated user analytics help identify a brand’s real ambassadors. Events and special offers can be shared with the community as well.

At the moment, Pushup Social is working with smaller, closed websites, but will soon expand to include open communities. With the the initial investment, the company is also able to build its team and expand faster than originally planned.

Integrating a social network into an existing website

Pushup Social seamlessly integrates a social network into an existing website in minutes. The unique technology adds a bar to the bottom of the site, which opens or closes the social network with a simple click. With this ability, website owners can now build and engage their community, control messaging, user analytics and advertising revenue, while gaining the increased site optimization that comes with keeping users on their website.

Build for brands and organizations

The startup will generate its revenue through a monthly subscription model, including a freemium option. It is currently targeting companies, brands or organizations who want to build rich communities within their websites. Pushup will help them invite users to quickly initiate conversations about a company’s products and services.  

Forget Facebook?

Do you think companies should spend more time building community around their own websites? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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