Four Networking Apps that Thankfully aren’t LinkedIn

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Remember networking before LinkedIn? No, me neither. Now, every day, our inboxes are inundated with emails such as “would you like to upgrade to premium?” or “would you like to congratulate Dave on their new position?”. Obviously, no one wants to congratulate Dave – Dave is out performing the lot of us and the smug so and so doesn’t need any encouragement to keep doing it.

Anyway, here are four networking apps that aren’t LinkedIn. Yes, almost all of them operate in a Tinder-esque way – prepare to spend a lot of your time swiping – but hey, at least it’s something different.


Scheduit connects professionals helps them to network efficiently, organize meetings and build business opportunities. Users ‘announce their presence’ to show when they are available to network, and the app intelligently alerts only compatible users that are nearby. Through the ‘Schedumeter’ (ok, not the catchiest tool name) users can see if the compatibility is high, in which case they can request a meeting. The app’s latest features also allow people attending business conferences to download conference material and flip through attendees as needed. Here is a list of the best workplace safety apps

Find it here: Scheduit


Weave bills itself as an exclusive business networking app that can offer members personalized introductions to leading entrepreneurs and founders. In fact, so exclusive is Weave that users can only gain access by invitation; just 28% of all applications are eventually approved. Weave helps to arrange weekend meetings between professionals, much like a business concierge might.

Find it here: Weave

Coffee the App

Very much aimed at the Tinder-obsessed millennial generation, Coffee the App is yet another professional matchmaking app (but hey, let’s not rule out romance). Users sign up using Facebook or LinkedIn – so Facebook – professionals then swipe either left or right to pass or accept suggestions. If there is a match between two people, Coffee the App makes a match. But that’s not all it does. Coffee also has capabilities to help hire interns or entry-level employees. All you have to do is post on the app and search for candidates.

Find it here: Coffee the App


MeetUp is the app that helps groups of like minded people to, well, meet up. Although the app (and online platform) are not strictly for business meetups – users have created running clubs among other things – that hasn’t stopped others from building professional peer groups. Building a group is easy, and allows you to set distance by radius, much like a certain re-occurring dating app. It’s arguable one of the best ways to network with multiple people, so see how you get on.

Find it here: MeetUp

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