Why Hybrid IT Services Might Be Just What Your Small Business Needs

Mar 31, 2015 • Business
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When running your small business, you probably hear all the time about moving over to big data and shifting everything over to the cloud as it is easier for you to run and operate. Now, it might be true that just dumping everything you have over to the cloud is easy, but there are are right and wrong ways to approach business process management (BPM). Instead, you need to look at hybrid IT and computer services. There are many benefits associated with spreading your data around and not having everyone in one place. After all, it is not a good idea to place all of your money or investments into one basket, so why would you do so with your data?

Easy access for certain files on the cloud

Now, there are going to be certain bits of information you need to have easy access, no matter where you are. Whether this is a contract you need access to or a certain document pertaining to a contract, you do not want to always be tethered to your office computer in order to access it. If this is the case, the are document management solutions that can help. For example, being able to easily access the file wherever you are through the cloud is simple to do and it does not put you at much risk, should something happen to your cloud account. This is all about ease of use without putting any of your sensitive documentation at risk.

Keep your sensitive files local

Now, having the general files you might need anywhere you travel on a cloud service is one thing, but there are other files you need to protect. This might be financial reports, your employee’s Social Security numbers and banking data or other information that you really do not need to have continual access to. If this data were breached, you’d find yourself in quite a pickle. By keeping your sensitive files local, it becomes far more secure. Should something happen with your cloud host’s account, you do not need to worry about this information floating around the Internet, as it is safe and secure on your locally stored storage.

Multiple backups

By using managed IT services in Charlotte NC, you can have multiple backups of certain files. There might be data you need to access that you have uploaded to your cloud service, but if the cloud service is down for a few hours due to a necessary update, or if the cloud service has crashed at all, you can still return and obtain a hard copy whenever you need it. You are going to find that some files that are important but do not contain company secrets or financial records, you can store in both places. This gives extremely easy access so you can track it down, no matter what method might be having trouble.

Reduced internal IT cost

Running your own IT department internally can cost a considerable amount of money. Due to this, you do not want to always have a large IT department with a small business. As a small business owner, your expenses are limited, so you do not want to drop it all on a full-time IT staff. Consider the pros and cons of hiring a virtual assistant. If you keep everything locally stored, you might need to hire an IT professional to be on hand at all times. This really is not cost effective for the size of your business, so by using a hybrid approach, you might be able to just export the position to managed it services provider who can monitor your department through an Internet connection, or cancel out this service all together. It is all about saving you and your business money.

IT should offer clients what they want

Some clients simply do not want their information saved through a cloud service. There are many people who are afraid of having their information lost and stolen over a cloud connection due to a few of the data breaches that have taken place over the last few years. If they find out you only offer a cloud IT service, they might look elsewhere for a different It support company that is able to help them out. However, if you have both storage methods, you can assure them that their information is only going to be locally stored, or if they are afraid of having a file stored on someone’s computer, you can tell them you will only have it in the cloud. Basically, if they do not want the data stored one way, you can ensure them it is just going to be stored the other way. This prevents you from dropping business based on the storage method. Offering both is a vital option you should always look into and can help you grow your brand and your business. | Images via Shutterstock

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