The Google team has certainly been busy lately, adding new features to their services and apps on what seems like a daily basis. This morning a new drawing tool became available on Google docs, allowing users to create images in any browser that supports VML and SVG. As mentioned in the Google Docs blog, the…continue reading.

Technicopia the producers of Gwabbit had one of the most effective on-stage demos at DEMO 09. We spoke with the CEO Tod Miller which gave us a background of his story on why he decided to develop Gwabbit and some sage advice for up and coming entrepreneurs.   Gwabbit allows you to grab contact info…continue reading.

Asurion Mobile introduced their new open mobile address book at DEMO 09 which they are calling the next generation address book.  The app itself is pretty amazing, allowing you to add social elements to your contact list including Flickr photos, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds. This may sound a bit familiar and remind you of…continue reading.

  Yesterday we talked  about Windows Mobile 6.5 that we didn’t know before thanks to the MIX 09 conference. In this video, we demonstrate a few of them (courtesy of an XDA ROM for the Touch HD) such as the new non-honeycomb Start menu, the new waiting cursor (and props to 1800PocketPC for spotting this…continue reading.

I think we can all agree that collecting customer feedback is a good thing, right? What we may not all agree on is whether we should go out and collect that feedback in the places where our customers hang-out, or if we should serve coffee and donuts and entice them to come to us. There…continue reading.

Taking things apart can be fun. Over at Open Programming, we are learning how to code and get the most out of taking apart open source applications and remixing them. Tonight, we’ll be getting a demo of the new iPhone OS 3.0 SDK and how to tether to a PC or Mac. Also, we’ll be continuining our…continue reading.

Microsoft  will  make the much anticipated IE8 available. Microsoft’s latest attempt to keep its market share in light of some stiff competition from Mozilla’s Firefox, Opera Browser, Apple’s Safari, and even Google’s Chrome Browser looks promising. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer claims, “With Internet Explorer 8, we are delivering a browser that gets people to the information…continue reading.

According to CoolSmartPhone, an app by the name of iDialer brings the dialing experience with large buttons from the iPhone to Windows Mobile. iDialer, a freeware, works well with iContact, another finger-friendly freeware for contact management. You can download iDialer from the developer’s webpage. The program is QVGA and VGA compatible and should work in…continue reading.

After the windows mobile session at MIX09 these are the key things that I gathered. 1. No more honeycomb – users didn’t like it. The Start menu icons will still be aligned in a staggered grid, but they won’t have the border. 2. The Zune-like Today screen can be navigated by sliding the selector…thus moving…continue reading.

    YouTube is launching its own native Windows Mobile application. An application for YouTube has been available on many HTC devices for some time now, but a native application from the video service maker itself will bring videos to more devices. The mobile version is optimized for either 3G cellular data or WiFi and…continue reading.