Online video site Hulu opened its doors to the public (in the US, anyway) a year ago today. Since then, Hulu says its video library has grown 333 percent from 12,000 videos to 40,000 videos. It’d take you 7,1000 hours to watch it all. The site now has 130 content partners, which is more than…continue reading.

  It seems not so long ago i was told about this great service that would forward your call around to your different devices. Well long ago turned out to be two years ago and now I only have one number but that being said google voice launches with super cool feature. Voice mail transcription. …continue reading.

One of the best products so far to emerge from Microsoft’s Live Labs has got to be Photosynth, an amazing tool that lets you transform your photos into three-dimensional worlds you can then virtually explore. In the past, we’ve seen Photosynths integrated with Live Maps, turned into slideshows, geotagged, changed into Point Clouds, and even…continue reading.

Developers who sell applications through Windows Marketplace for Mobile will receive 70 percent of the revenue from the sales of each application. In addition, they will be able to set the price for their applications in each market, maximizing their revenues based on targeted pricing strategies. Developers can also choose to distribute their applications at…continue reading.

Google’s announced today that the have a new feature for its adsense advertising Network, “Bringing the science of search to the art of display”. Google is using the knowledge it has gathered in search, where relevance plays a big part, to take a shot at the display ads market. Google believes there is a lot…continue reading.

As you can see from the image above. Microsoft Windows 6.5 will have a built in widget engine. What is a widget Engine? A widget Engine is a applications built from HTML and JavaScript to run using the IE 6 Mobile engine, but without the “chrome” (IE menus, address bar etc) one normally associate with…continue reading.

A new feature in Windows Media Player 12 on the latest leaked build of Windows 7 has been discovered by Zack Whittaker on ZDNet. The new feature is called “Allow Internet Access to Home Media” and is tied to your Live ID when activated. It’s currently unclear as to how exactly this might work, but…continue reading.

Microsoft is getting ready to roll out a new line of notebook accessories. We’ll be seeing a new notebook cooling base and also a new Arc mouse design. More info after the jump. Here’s what Microsoft has to say about the Notebook Cooling Base The stylish Notebook Cooling Base provides reliable cooling with a built-in…continue reading.

Last Thursday Dealmaker LA was focusing on a very important subject; “The Internet Wants to Be Free, but You Need to Get Paid.” Something we should all be focusing on.  So if you did not get a chance to view our live stream, it is now archived and available for your viewing pleasure.   Here…continue reading.

Tonight we will be streaming ‘Live’ from the offices of Rustic Canyon Partners thanks to Dealmaker LA.  Focusing on revenue is most certainly on everyone’s mind in 2009.  So join us tonight at 6:30pm PST and learn how you can turn those eyeballs into dollars.  Click here to join us.   In this Strategy Series,…continue reading.