Microsoft, HP and Best Buy are fighting back against those ubiquitous Apple ads. Check out this new commercial which started airing last night. Apparently, Lauren doesn’t want to pay the Apple tax for her next 17-inch laptop…  

Its been a long time coming and it has finally arrived thanks to the folks over at the International Academy of Web Television (IAWT).  The Streamy Awards is co-hosted by Tilzy.TV, Tubefilter, and NewTeeVee — to recognize outstanding achievement for shows produced originally for broadband distribution.   With an attendance of over 1300 people the…continue reading.

TechZulu would like to present HQ.0! HQ.0 lets you get an up close and personal look inside the hottest offices of your favorite companies! You’ve got an all-access pass inside their offices—the ones you wish you had! Now if only your parents basement could transform into a 314,159 ft2 tricked out office, that would make life grand.

I love making international calls using skype and doing it from my mobile makes me happy inside. Skype has just opened the beta version of Skype 3.0 for Windows phones to public. It’s a free download from their website, and you some handy new features: – Send files. – Free to send spreadsheets, photos, music…continue reading.

  Skype might not be performing quite as well as parent company eBay would prefer a $2.6 billion acquisition to perform, but that hasn’t dampened worldwide enthusiasm for the VoIP service. Skype is so popular, in fact, that new numbers out from TeleGeography suggest that it has become the “largest provider of cross-border voice communications…continue reading.

In a ongoing commitment to the world community to help the  engage in recovery Microsoft Corp. today stepped up its commitment to prepare people of all ages with the technology skills and tools to succeed in today’s challenging economic climate. While at the  the Government Leaders Forum Microsoft announced the expansion of the successful Microsoft…continue reading.

The Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE) is a tool created by Microsoft Research which can be used to create panoramic images. It’s essentially the same technology that Windows Live Photo Gallery uses “under the hood” when you create panoramic photos in the software (just like Alexa does in the latest commercial – and lest you…continue reading.

Whether you’re hoping to save a few bucks on your next excursion or you prefer to blend in with locals, istopover will help you find homeowners with rooms to rent short term so you can skip the hotel. As you’d expect, many of the properties are rented out by people who travel often themselves. $159CDN…continue reading.

The Google team has certainly been busy lately, adding new features to their services and apps on what seems like a daily basis. This morning a new drawing tool became available on Google docs, allowing users to create images in any browser that supports VML and SVG. As mentioned in the Google Docs blog, the…continue reading.

Technicopia the producers of Gwabbit had one of the most effective on-stage demos at DEMO 09. We spoke with the CEO Tod Miller which gave us a background of his story on why he decided to develop Gwabbit and some sage advice for up and coming entrepreneurs.   Gwabbit allows you to grab contact info…continue reading.