In this interview TechZulu’s Amanda Coolong interviews Jason Mauer about what it takes to keep developers motivated in todays current Environment. Jason a seasoned developer that is now a Microsoft developer evangelist breaks down how Microsoft does this in several unique and interesting ways. Things like hiring smart people to work along side with so…continue reading.

Few people have created entire industries out of thin-air. Certainly, inventors during the industrial revolution were busy, but many of their inventions didn’t move the needle very far. Nolan Busnell knows how to capture people’s excitement and enthusiasm and has turned it into new forms of entertainment and industry for more than 40 years. Read…continue reading.

Merry Christmas! From the TechZulu Crew to you! Now here is this obligatory yule log!  

Gifts are a function of budget and most of us don’t have a proper budget for gifts this year. Therefore, I have put together a list that has both meaning and stretches your buck. If you are buying for the 25th and you are out of time, you may wish to try a printout and…continue reading.

What happens when you get a dev and turn him into a developer evangelist you get Jason Mauer. While at PDC Underground TechZulu’s Geoffrey Emery Interviews Jason Mauer about what it takes to be a developer evangelist and what he was interested in at PDC which includes Windows 7 , Workflow 4, Visual Studio 10…continue reading.

Emerson once wrote, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” and he went on to say, “A great person does not have to think consistently from one day to the next.” Of course, Ralph wasn’t running a modern operating system and didn’t have to deal with emails, browsers and streaming video. For a…continue reading.

What is a Developer Evangelist? TechZulu’s Geoffrey Emery talks about this and more with Woody Pewit at the PDC Underground. Woody tells us how he is here to help business and especially startups  find the available solutions and products available from Microsoft. Microsoft launched a great product for startups this year called BizSpark that allows…continue reading.

My favorite device of this year is the Asus eeePC. Yes, I have 2 other machines including a MacBook Pro and a new widescreen Gateway laptop w/2 hard drives and 4GB of memory. Hey, I’m a programmer, so I need the resources, but there is also this Tim Allen Grunt sense of powerful equipment. In…continue reading.

Guest post by Christian Gammill of Traction Matters Note:  these are just my quick thoughts on the acquisition. First and foremost, congrats to the team at Social|Median for getting acquired by Xing.  I’ve been watching them grow (its been less than a year!) and am impressed on how regularly and rapidly they iterated new features…continue reading.

While at the PDC Underground TechZulu’s Geoffrey Emery got a chance to talk with Scott Hanselman about what it takes to grow and maintain a large audience. Scott’s blog is currently generating around 35,000 feed subscribers and he has a diverse amount of content including podcasts, tutorials, multi subject blog posts. One of my favorite…continue reading.