From the bleachers to the dance floor and now on TechZulu, Mark Cuban has seen it, done it, and pretty much lived it all.  Growing up in a working class family in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania to becoming a Multibillionaire, Mark is the definition of an entrepreneur.  He gives you some very simple pointers for your…continue reading.

Beach Walks brings “A little aloha” to your everyday life.  Based in Hawaii Roxanne Darling gets to live the dream and bring that dream to you through the use of new media.  Everyday Beach Walks provides you with quick takeaways to start of your morning.  The topics range from brain economics, politics, relationships, business, and…continue reading.

Having cloud computing as a platform rather than just a service has its advantages.  Giving you the ability to build the cloud in your own data center as well as getting service throughout the world.  3Tera’s AppLogic grid operating system enables utility computing for deploying and scaling online applications. Bert Armijo gives you some information…continue reading.

For those of you who may not know who Jason McCabe Calacanis is he is the founder and CEO of Mahalo, a human-powered search engine. Prior to’s launch in May, 2007, he was an “Entrepreneur in Action” at Sequoia Capital, a position he held since December 2006. Jason co-founded and was the CEO of…continue reading.

That is correct folks.  If you want to post up a neat photo montage on the fly, that will literally take you a few minutes, Animoto is where its at.  Brad Jefferson (CEO) gives us the lowdown of what/who would use their product and what they have planned for the future.  Their business model is…continue reading.

David Prager and Sarah Lane of Revision3 give you a few tips on how you can become part of new media in a snap.  Along with tips, David points out that monetizing your videos can be hard at first, but if you have quality content the advertisers will come.  Free television has been around for…continue reading.

TechZulu is back at Mindshare for some more enlightened debauchery.  We want you to come out as well by clicking here, so if you were thinking about it how does $5 off the purchase price sound to you?  All you have to do is enter in TECHZULU for the discount code and presto chango you…continue reading.

Children and minors can easily find explicit material on the web or it will find them. The porn (already shut down) displayed inappropriate images to young students whoprobably meant to visit How can we protect our children and minors online? LiviaWeb , who just launched in July of thisyear, helps families safely explore the…continue reading.

When he’s not rockin’ and rappin’, Mike Shinoda’s bloggin’. The Linkin Park vocalist took the keynote stage at Blog World Expo with Tim Ferriss (The 4-Hour work week) & Rohit Bhargava (Author, Personality Not Included), to discuss what it takes to create “You, Inc.”, online or offline in a crowded world, & managing your brand.…continue reading.

Looking for that little extra funding for your film project?  Or do you have some great film ideas and are looking for funding to get it off the ground?  Whatever the case may be IndieGoGo is the spot to find it.   IndieGoGo is an online social marketplace connecting filmmakers and fans to make independent…continue reading.