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Corporate America was in desperate need of a better employment recruiting solution, and that’s where Dayak comes in. Employers were faced to negotiate outrageous placement fees and recruiters found themselves straggling to find an organized online channel. The Dayak marketplace is designed specifically to address the void described above and ease the pain being felt by…continue reading.

David Sacks of TechCrunch50 winner Yammer says that his company is trying to make a work tool that is a sleek and cool as the ones you use in your off time (Twitter). Also, giving it a business model doesn’t hurt either.  Yammer is free to use but they do offer a few premium features…continue reading.

Alex Lindsay, founder of the Pixel Corps, has been involved in computer graphics and computer animation for nearly 20 years. Alex has extensive experience in digital production including print, real-time graphics, multimedia titles, forensic animation, television, and film. He spent several years on the production of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  Alex was…continue reading.

At the close of the TechCrunch 50 conference a few weeks ago, I sat down with Rick Heitzmann of FirstMark Capital and Mark Sugarman of MHS Capital to find out why venture capitalists come to conventions, what they thought, and what advice they would give to presenting companies.

If you could control how retailers know you beyond what you buy, you could leverage that information against future purchases, potentially saving money in the process. I had the opportunity to speak with Mark Edward Roberts and Jennifer Mathe of Leverage about how they help mediate a win-win-win between retailers, consumers and their website, …continue reading.

TechZulu had a special treat in meeting Chris Marquardt from Tips From The Top Floor, who has the longest running photography podcast.  Chris has won numerous awards for his podcast and has a tremendous following.  He give us all some tips on how to build your own following along with some of his favorite shows…continue reading.

Stickam has released some great new products these past few months and also have done some awesome new partnership deals *wink-wink*.  We bring you Jake Gold (CTO) and Steven Fruchter (CEO) of Stickam to tell you a little about the new products and how you can make some money by using Stickam.

Are you drowning in loyalty program cards stuffing your wallet or purse? How about your car keys dangling with a Ralphs, Vons or other mini-card? leverage at looks to fix all that. Their motto is “it’s one smart wallet”. Not only do they look to help consolidate and track your cards for you, but…continue reading.

Congratulations on Average Betty’s recent success of being Webcastr’s channel of the week!  Before Average Betty made it to the big time, she took sometime out with us and gave us a lowdown of what Average Bettery is all about.  A little description on the site I liked:   “Average Betty does for home n’…continue reading.