The LA Geek Dinner turned 2 yesterday.  It had an awesome turnout of about 50 people and the location added the cherry on top. The Geek Dinners are a monthly gathering of Internet technology lovers in Los Angeles. Anyone who has an interest and passion for technology, the internet, internet technologies, software or you just…continue reading.

Jon is the business visionary behind eduFire and has over a decade of experience helping people to teach and learn online. He has been involved in starting two companies that have been acquired by publicly-traded companies (The Network, acquired by Penton Media in 2001 and Zaadz, acquired by Gaiam in 2007) and a third…continue reading.

We have a simple (but not easy) mission: Revolution education. Our goal is to create a platform to allow live learning to take place over the Internet anytime from anywhere. Most importantly…for anyone. We’re the first people (we know) to create something that’s totally open and community-driven (rather than closed and transaction-driven). We’re excited to…continue reading.

Elevation Photos is a boutique entertainment photo agency based in Santa Monica, CA. Our mission is to provide assignment photographers for either your next event (function, party, premiere, gift lounge) as well as provide photographers for an editorial feature or story you are working on for your publication or website. Elevation Photos can also provide…continue reading.

Kaloopy Media is a widget company specializing in creating applications on Facebook and myspace. The first release from Kaloopy Media is the celebrity photo/gossip news application on Facebook called Kaloopy Says

 AOL is expected to announce the acquisition of Sphere tomorrow. Sphere is a blog content engine that launched in 2006. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed but Techcrunch and GigaOM peg the deal at around $25 million. Sphere raised $3.5 million over two rounds of funding. Sphere provides contextually relevant content tools that…continue reading.

Dog freaks and computer geeks who wanted a canine sharing application that’s truly gone to the dogs. Such a site didn’t exist, so we built it ourselves. The fluffy love is backed with serious technology and years of coding experience under our collars. Dogster has since become more contagious than kennel cough. Since launching in…continue reading.

Philosophy As users, our identity, photos, videos and other forms of personal data should be discoverable by, and shared between our chosen (and trusted) tools or vendors. We need a DHCP for Identity. A distributed File System for data. The technologies already exist, we simply need a complete reference design to put the pieces together. …continue reading.

Data Portability LA had a good turnout, even people from SD stayed after this weeks past events to attend this one. The purpose of the Data Portability project is to put existing technologies, techniques, policies and initiatives in context in order to facilitate translation, education, advocacy and ultimately implementation of data portability. Portability is defined…continue reading.

First post. Well, mine anyway. Vak introduced me previously. I’m happy to be a contributor here at TechZulu; although, TechZulu is a bit different for me being I’m usually blogging on geekier topics :-), but I’ll do my best. Now down to business. It’s been an eventful week in San Diego. There was a MindTouch…continue reading.