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Aug 13, 2014 • Gadgets, Startups
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bluetooth deviceThe constant fear of being alone in certain situations can create some problems.  Even the thought of one of your loved ones alone can strike uneasiness at times.  Thanks to the ever-growing landscape of technology, the ability to have a personal warning/emergency caller is available for anyone in need.  Silent Beacon is creating a device by changing the infrastructure of personal alarm systems without the user shelling out tons of cash to own one.

“Silent Beacon is a Bluetooth device that connects wire-free to your smartphone, which works as an alert system similar to a LifeAlert, but with a plethora of options including to be able to call a call center, call 911, or just your family members, or being able to notify them via any form of communication on the smartphone, whether it’s a text message, push notification, an email, or a voice call,” said Kenneth Kelley, Founder and CEO of Silent Beacon. So it utilizes all the technology in your smartphone, which A, makes the Silent Beacon very small in size and B, allows it to do everything your cellphone does because it gained control of your Bluetooth.”

personal alertA device small enough to latch onto a keychain can offer users the ability to call for help and send their location to any emergency contact and 911.  The Bluetooth device is smartly designed to connect with your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  As long as there is a Bluetooth connection, the personal alert device can be activated and work anywhere.  Plus, the device is waterproof.

There are a number of other devices available from various security systems.  But the devices come with multiple payments and end up costing hundreds per year to just use it.  Some may say it’s worth it and others not, but the price does hurt those who are struggling and can’t afford it.

Kenneth Kelley explained, “The issue with a lot of devices, let’s say LifeAlert, the user contacts the call center.  You can’t get those units unless you are paying a monthly payment.  With Silent Beacon you can buy it off the shelf at a one-time price and set it up and that’s it.  Your loved ones, 911, anyone can get in touch with you during an emergency without utilizing a service that basically forces you to have a call center option.  Then there’s the other side, which are the companies that offer apps that can alert loved ones, but also come at a price.  How we’re different from them is that we do have a call center option.  You can pay a monthly fee, say if you have a medical condition or someone who’s elderly and doesn’t have access to their family members, so you can have that option.”

gadgetA chart listed on Silent Beacon’s website shows that at least $300 need to be spent yearly to set-up a personal alert system.  Silent Beacon only costs $59.99 a year and you have the additional option to add their call center option, which will bump up the price more, but still considerably cheaper than the next option available.

The Silent Beacon app also is available for free for users and allows them to tap into Silent Beacon’s plethora of options.  Configure who gets alerts, set emergency contacts, enable GPS, and more.

Silent Beacon has already reached their goal on their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Raising over $50,000 people are seeing Silent Beacon as a promising product.  Calling for help because you have been attacked, getting into an automobile accident, work-related injury, or have a life-threatening medical condition are just some of the many reasons as to why Silent Beacon can be such a great device for all ages.  Anybody can get into a serious situation and knowing you have a way to get in touch can have people breathing a little bit easier.  Never be alone again.

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