Squabbler Launches New Features To Power Video Engagement

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bubbleSquabbler, a video engagement platform for web and mobile publishers has launched new features and the next generation of its video engagement platform in a move that will power engagement for sports, entertainment and news publishers a like.

Customized content

The firm’s latest launch places management of the platform into the hands of publishers. Done so by allowing them the ability to build and customize modules, embed them throughout their web properties, and identify quality user generated video content to publish through the Squabbler platform.

“While YouTube has provided a great outlet for video contribution over the years, we’re really still at the nascent phases of end-user video engagement.” – According to Matt Bijur, Co-founder & CEO of Squabbler

Bijur added, “Vine and Instagram have launched short-form video platforms of their own recently – precisely because of the more compelling and more valuable nature of video engagement.  It is Squabbler’s vision to connect this engagement more closely to the content of our publishing partners so they can extract more value from their content and their audience.”

Stage and settle debate

Founded during 2012 in Los Angeles (and Amplify alum),  Squabbler believes the web can serve as the perfect platform for staging and settling debate. Squabbler’s software as a service (SAAS) platform gives publishers a plug and play technology to drive audience engagement through video and has been garnering a lot of interest from big name publishers like Bravo, the CBC, and Major League Baseball.


The publishers using Squabbler are able to create, customize and deploy vidoes in less than 5 minutes. Once deployed, publishers are able to have their modules fully moderated and curated, view analytics based around key performance metrics and gain video, sponsorship and native advertising opportunities – an awesome thing especially for sports publishers.

Watch video metrics, track performance

Mike Bender, Co-founder of Squabbler said that the opportunity to work with innovative people at companies like these is really exciting because they each have a vision around engaging their audience through video and exploring the new and interesting monetization opportunities that our platform provides. “For sports publishers, the very nature of the Squabbler platform lends itself perfectly to fans who are naturally drawn to debate, competition and winning,” he concluded.

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