Startups To Help You Survive College

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Moving to college is hard. Back in the olden days you would have to pack your ink wells, quills and all manner of other useless crap just to survive the arduous task of learning. But NO MORE. Now these days – whether knowingly or not – there are a string of startups that are ready to make life easier for would-be students. Here are six of them. Use them, and maybe you’ll survive until Christmas.


AppSurfer is great for students because it frees up space on your cellular phone by placing all of your apps in the cloud. This means that users can access them instantly and without having them take up reams of memory on whatever piece of technological kit you happen to be working with. For busy students with limited phone battery, this should mean preserving your precious battery charge into the later hours, helping them order that late night Uber when they need it.

Find it here: AppSurfer


NetTalk (which the team spells as netTALK, but we won’t here because that is ridiculous) offers a great range of  apps that are available for iOS, which allow users to make long distance and international calls, cheaply. A great option for international students in particular, NetTalk users can make calls on a range of internet connectivity levels, including wifi, 4G and 3G. With international study on the up – both China and the United States have seen rises of 10% and 11% of domestic students moving abroad – NetTalk is a great option for keeping up to speed with friends and family back home.

Find it here: <NetTalk (ok, netTALK)


Goodwall is a LinkedIn style (but not actually LinkedIn, thank goodness) social network for school pupils that allows them to get recognized by Universities and win scholarships and/or bursaries. So, ok, while this may not be totally suitable for college students, it might help you get to college in the first place. With increasing demand, Goodwall also helps universities and colleges the whole world to recruit the best students. The site’s popularity is currently booming, too, and attracts one new user per minute.

Find it here: Goodwall

Tapas Media

Tapas Media provides a means to kick back and relax with some serious downtime between studying.  The company’s Tapas app provides literary content taken from a range of media such as traditional books, unique comic creators and illustrated Hollywood scripts. These are reduced into bite­size micro­-chapters of 2,000­ to 4,000 words, or episodes, making them easier and more manageable to read (and therefore perfect for quick study breaks!).

Find it here: Tapas

Nonna Box

Ok so *maybe* a bit fancy but, if you have generous parents, this could be the parental gift for you. Nonna Box is a subscription-based service that delivers six full-sized portions of hard-to-come-by Italian goods each month and are eve accompanied by cards detailing the ingredients’ culinary importance. They also come with three favorite recipes from a legit Italian nonna (i.e. grandmother) and boast wine pairings for the exceedingly fancy among us.

Find it here: Nonna Box


Snupps makes the organization, shareability and discovery of personal collections easy and engaging on any iOS or Android device or via the web. Users can upload and manage images and details of their personal possessions on virtual shelves, which can be kept private or shared with others. As a social network Snupps is great for students who, with new environments, routines and lifestyles, need all the help they can get in organizing their lives – this is just one more way of doing it.

Find it here: Snupps

Oliver Griffin

Oliver Griffin is a Staff Writer at Publicize, which is a startup aiming to change the way companies approach PR. Publicize has worked with a dozen+ Y Combinator startups and leading brands such as Hallmark Cards.

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