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As technologists living online in real time all the time, it is easy to lose perspective on life. A new retreat called “The Digital Detox” offers a unique solution to recharge and reconnect by surrendering technology for a few days in a magical setting with like-minded fellows. Created by Levi Felix and Brooke Dean, “The Digital Detox” is a handcrafted experience for the brave who are willing to surrender, open their minds and let go through daily yoga, hot springs, and gourmet vegan fare surrounded by nature, a redwood forest and a starry sky only a two hour drive from San Francisco. TechZulu had a chance to catch up with Levi and ask him some questions.

It is a particular problem for a niche crowd: Creatives design amazing things for others but often have problems finding simple solutions to present their own creative portfolios. Enter, the pre-launch portfolio management solution for creative by creatives. Iconify solves this portfolio management problem by streamlining the portfolio process into a clean and simple template that transforms portfolio work into a website and mobile app that is easily shared and viewed on any device, complete with analytics on the backend.

IdeaMensch held it’s third gathering in Los Angeles last week to kick off a 48-state road trip (#IM48) across America of inspiring talks to help innovators bring ideas to life. Founded by advertising digital executive Mario Schulzke, IdeaMensch profiles doers to help and inspire dreamers to seed their ideas and make them grow into reality. The talks center around 4 presentations by innovators that last 15 minutes and walk the audience through the trials and tribulations the presenters faced to bring their ideas into successful businesses.