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We’re driven by challenges and the desire to win. It’s in our blood as humans, some more than others. Gamification fuels that drive and brings the competition to technology. We see it in web applications, mobile apps, project management tools, etc. But if you’re a company looking to motivate your employees or engage with customers where do you start? There’s plenty of sites that will explain the theory behind gamification, but few that provide that platform like BunchBall.

They apply the same principles that inspire people to play games – achievements, status, and rewards with their Nitro Platform to bring the power to you. BunchBall’s Nitro, delivers a comprehensive set of game mechanics for websites, social communities, and mobile applications. The platform is currently serving up to 70 million unique users and 2.3 billion actions each month.

Recently BunchBall brought gamification to an area of business that is always in need of employee motivation – the enterprise community. The expansion into enterprise comes from a partnership with Jive Software and the creation of the Jive Gamification Module powered by BunchBall. An advanced module that provides gamification solutions for organizations using Jive’s social business platform.

Jim Scullion, the CEO of Bunchball noted that,

“As enterprises become more social, engagement becomes a critical component in maximizing software adoption, ongoing usage and ROI. We’re thrilled to partner with Jive to provide features that result in sustained, pervasive engagement, and we look forward to creating personalized, compelling gamification solutions for Jive customers.”

Watch the video above as I interview Molly of BunchBall about SXSW 2012, gamification, and the future of motivational gaming models.

Kyle Ellicott

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