CapLinked Goes Mobile | Announces New Features For iPad To Put Virtual Data Rooms on Notice

Mar 07, 2013 • Apps & Software, Business, Data
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caplinked_FeaturedCapLinked, Cloud-based enterprise platform for deal management and investor reporting, Wednesday announced a new suite of enterprise features in a move to take transactions mobile.

iOS Compatibility

The new features launched include business tools for reporting, file management, discussions and first-of-its-kind functionality for managing deals on an iPad.

CapLinked  also netted in new customers such as Thomson Reuters, Sun Capital, and Equity Partners, NextView Ventures and crowd-funding service AI Verified which will take advantage of its iPad compatibility, bulk uploading, and reporting tools.

According to Eric M. Jackson, CapLinked CEO,  “CapLinked’s rapid innovation gives companies and funds a much-needed option to using a virtual data room.”

The innovation is in line with the industry trends.


Steering Innovation In The $730 Million VDR Industry

Business intelligence analyst IBIS World estimates that VDR industry sales will grow by 16% this year to nearly $730 million. The lion’s share of all revenue is captured by three large players: IntraLinks, Merrill Datasite, and RR Donnelly’s Venue. But a lack of competition has also lead to a lack of innovation, resulting in low customer satisfaction and frequent complaints of difficult-to-use products. Sticker shock is also a frequent problem for clients, who are surprised to learn that VDRs often charge by the page, an unheard of practice in an era where data storage is measured in gigabytes.

Challenge the status quo

CapLinked, whose investors and founding team include early employees from PayPal, promise to end this mediocre by continuing to challenge the legacy virtual data room (VDR) services with its elegant product for coordinating on complex business deals such as asset sales, financings, and mergers & acquisitions.

Jackson assured te clients that  storing secure data in the cloud for a complex business transaction has nothing in common with getting photocopies at Kinko’s which virtual data rooms are pricing it the same way.

Jackson added, “Their pricing and technology are hold-overs from the 1990s—it goes to show how they have been shielded from competition for too long. CapLinked is going to change that.Our powerful, intuitive tools make it easy for people across multiple organizations to collaborate on transactions and share sensitive information, and our pricing is completely transparent.”

How CapLinked Changes The Game

CapLinked, which enables its clients to close deals faster, exchange files securely, and manage more deals at any given time says iPad Compatibility will  introduce a seamless experience on-the-go. The firms Enhanced Reports which can be viewed and downloaded will establish a thorough audit trail. he new Bulk Uploading will make transporting entire folder structures secure and frustration free.

The Conversations will help parties to reply to updates from workspace administrators directly and the Custom Branding helps clients enjoy a fully branded experience with their logo and colors throughout CapLinked’s website and email notifications. Lastly, the Investor Reporting will help fund managers and financial institutions to automate splitting PDF documents into individual reports for multiple investors.

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