The project began in the late 1990s when founder Dave Nadelberg unearthed a notably awkward love letter and began sharing with friends. Formalizing as Mortified in 2002 with co-producer Neil Katcher, the project has since sifted through thousands of volumes of otherwise forgotten notebooks, photos, and envelopes in an effort crack the lid off our…continue reading.

Stanley B. Gill is the co-founder/producer of New Orleans Moving Pictures Co., a Louisiana-based production company specializing in feature film, television, electronic press kit (EPK), behind the scenes (BTS) and reality TV production. Stan has 25 years experience in Hollywood and frequently returns to the state he grew up in – Louisiana – to produce…continue reading.

French Maid TV features viral videos by French Maids. It’s where we teach young men the important things in life. Like How to Share Photos, How To Find Music You Like, How To Register a Domain, How To Give CPR, How To Video Podcast and How To Barter Online.

IndieFlix is dedicated to providing a forum for filmmakers and their audience to interact, and to building a community that translates artistic vision into commercial success.

A little “The Office”, a little “The Daily Show” and a lot of originality – that’s Goodnight Burbank, a fictional 11 O’Clock newscast delivered straight from Hollywood’s back yard.   Abigail is a 13 year old girl who’s blogging about school, boys, pop culture and living with Bloomberger’s Syndrome. That’s a (fictional) disease that prematurely…continue reading.

StudioFred is a full-service, low-budget video production company specializing in fast turn-around and Internet video distribution.

The Guild is a independent sitcom webisode about a group of online gamers. It is written for gamers, about gamers by a gamer. Episodes vary from 3-6 minutes in length.

Musicshake, Inc. is the world’s first on-line UGM (User Generated Music) creation solution that provides music composing solutions aimed at the general public (a.k.a. music dummies) without previous musical knowledge or expertise. Their service lets users create personalized, professional quality music using various music modules and proprietary pattern-combination methods. Musicshake is the easiest way to…continue reading.

Launched on May 1st 2007, MMOABC.com (a property of New Gen Media, Inc.) is a premier Web 2.0 platform that provides an interactive environment that empowers gamers by letting them capture and share individual gaming experiences, build extensive communities, and stay current on industry news. In addition, MMOABC.com provides game portal hosting services and online…continue reading.

Talent:  ArtistForce is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, used or heard about. They are a revolutionary online service designed specifically to help professional artists of all types successfully manage and expand their careers. Industry:  ArtistForce is a comprehensive online service designed specifically to help Agents and Managers successfully manage and expand their business. In fact,…continue reading.